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September GDNet Update



GDNet September Climate Survey  

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It's been a while since we had an update. I'll try to make these more of a monthly thing from now on since that seems to be a reasonable cadence.

Reputation Recalculation

The reputation recalculation previously mentioned has not happened yet. No good reason other than it's been a lower priority.

GameDev Unboxed

If you haven't noticed, we have a regular column we're calling GameDev Unboxed with Jesse "Chime" Collins writing about various topics relevant to game developers and the industry. Check out his latest and let him know what you think.


WoA just recently wrapped up with another great year. Big congratulations to the entrants on completing playable games in a week, and a big thank you to @slicer4ever for coordinating.

We're looking to bring back contests / game jams in general to and were recently considering a throwback to the Four Elements contest series. Any feedback or opinions on contests?


Recently there has been an increasing interest in bringing back the Developer Showcase. This was a feature we had when we launched the site but was removed a few years ago. The good news - we're working on bringing this back. A beta version will be available to GDNet+ members and select developers in the near future. Of course, if you have opinions on this then now is your chance to influence the development in the comments below.

Austin Game Conference

I'll be manning the booth at the Austin Game Conference so if you're there make sure you stop by to say hi.

C++ Builder and RAD Studio

If you're a C++ programmer and want to support, please consider checking out C++ Builder from Embarcadero and signing up for their free 30-day trial. C++ Builder is great for simplifying cross platform development and worth checking out. Click here to learn more.

Embarcadero also has RAD Studio, which could also be of interest: click here to learn more.


That's all for now! Please share any thoughts or questions in the comments below.


Recommended Comments

Bringing back contests would be awesome, I'd love to participate in one but am also willing to help organize them.

Is the Developer Showcase the Image of the Day from back in the days?

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The showcase was the GDS, or Game Developer Showcase. People could upload their work-in-progress or completed projects, get feedback, etc. We hosted quite a bit of them (this before a few other popular sites that now do this came out).

I grabbed a random of the GDS: Unfortunately it doesn't seem like you can view a project page through the site. The new GDS version is a bit more interesting and integrated with the rest of the site, with bigger long-term plans for developers.

We've brought back the Image of the Day as well. It's now hand-picked out of the Gallery images people upload.

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Wow almost forgot about that page, nice memory jog. There's some overlap with blogs, but I think having a GDS section could have it's merits.

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