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Mobile Game Reviews: Let's Talk Ankora

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In this daily blog (and video)-series I take a first impressions look at the best mobile games that I come by. Be sure to share your favorite mobile game with the rest of us in the comments below!

Crafting, survival (hunger, thirst etc.), and exploration; yep. But zombies? Nope! 

Ankora is an artistically beautiful and unique survival adventure game that monetizes rather lightly, with only a few in-game purchases and incentivized ads. 

BOth in terms of graphics and gameplay, it is definitely one of the most unique survival games I've played on mobile.

My thoughts on Ankora:

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Chibig.Ankora&hl=en
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ankora/id1161687237?mt=8

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    • By Lauren Tuccy
      So my only coding experience is with writing Interactive Fiction games with Inform, so I get the logic and stuff, but, I'm so used to starting with a program with libraries and assets already built in, that I have no idea how to build something from scratch. 
      I'm would like to make this simulation game where the player is a student in a [magic] school, and I've got stats for the students, their personality types, and ideas on how that should effect their performance in class, and experience rates, and all this data in a google spreadsheet, but I have NO idea how to start creating this game on a code level. So, I'm just struggling on finding out how to get started. Can anybody give me some advice?
    • By Octolancers
      Hi there, my name is René, and Im a pixel artist, this is my first post here and Im kind of exploring my own freelancing possibilities in the field.
      Please excuse my english, Im from the chaotic Venezuela, I'm currently living in Colombia, and looking forward to know another beautiful country and culture.
      I have years of experience working professionally on 2d and 3d animated pieces for a wide variety of cases, but I'm a bit tired of rendering times, illumination artifacts, rigging and binding stuff here and there, processor slowness, plugins mismatch, plugin bugs, plugins outdated, licensing updates, corporative projects, that's a good reason, and found a lovely branch on the field that embraced my like a cotton cloud on a shiny day, Pixel Art.
      Then I begun a surprisingly productive journey on Fiverr a few months ago, until a guy got my attention with a interesting project that I'm about to begin. So I had to put my Fiverr status on standby for a while.
      While we take our time to start that project, my mind and hart asks for a taste of the Patreon experience, and so I've been thinking for a while of doing something related to the Cyberpunk dystopia, but as I have no time to do another project, I thought releasing graphic assets packs in some way, so I've been relating this and that and figuring maybe in some developers community I could let know this to begin with.
      There are so many styles and mechanics on the gaming possibilities that I want to release a wide range of assets for general purposes, but inside a unique world theme, so I made my mind over this Cyberpunk topic now, but if things go well, I would need to ask to the audience for a new Theme.
      This is my on my avatar hehe by the way, just a pic to express a bit of my animation skills.
      I established my corner on Patreon already, but I have little knowledge of the platform, so any suggestions are welcome, and you are welcome as well to visit and comment any inquiry related to the topic.
      Check it here: My Patreon
      Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!
    • By Michal Bojda
      Hey there,
      first of all, I want to calm you... No, I am not trying to make nextgen MMO. I am just trying to make some simple game, using geolocation services. (and no, I dont believe i will be rich in one year, and will create another * GO title with millions of downloads). 
      So, it's for a mobile, using Unity engine. Everything is good in a "singleplayer" mode, but now comes the real problem. 
      How many/much networking I need to cover ? Will my choose for a NoSQL DB, choosing mongoDB to handle data (locations, stats, variables) for each ingame object individually, and for account data using for example MySQL, be enough ? If I will be running DB server at home? 
      I am mainly confused about needing some kind of any other game server. Well, I will run app on my phone, get "world" from lets say openstreetmaps, getting all needed data from DB, spawning objects in this world covered by Unity (translating geolocation data to world, low poly objects - about 200m around GPS, maybe 60 objects at a time max), handling tasks on the app directly on the phone (crafting, killing, building), saving new data again to DB. As a beginner, I am thinking I got it all. And as a beginner, knowing it looks so easy now. 
      If I want to add some kind of chat, or some king of real-time progression in game (like matchmaking duels and so) , or tasks be happened on server so less security risks, less hacking and so on, I got it, I will need some kind of game server. Will there be a big difference, deciding to make some server-client things on my game, If I choose to like in the middle of development ? (I am still at start). 
      I am just so confused by the options on the web, like tenths of networking assets in unity, tenths networking services on web, all the possibilities. Its so many to learn, and I will get nowhere. 
      So, will my covering, adding DB to my game, having DB servers home, work? Or I am so bad at logic with this, that I should just delete my gamedev directory, and never create it again ? 
      Thanks for any helpfull informations, hopefully giving me some insight in this problematics. 
    • By Talvysh
      I've been designing and developing games since I was 9 when I was making my own card games or setting up rules with my cousins for pretending to be shopkeepers and selling each other toys and other things with monopoly money (epic).  Fast forward and I've been making random stuff, tinkering with things, and not really getting anywhere.
      I'm currently working on my first solo project and taking it farther than I've ever taken a game on the PC.  It's pretty sick. \m/
      My end goal is to have a team who can work together with varying ideas to make something memorable that gamers can come back to and appreciate.
      At the end of the day creating games is my passion, it's the best form of story-telling and that's what I want our team to be known for.
      Three of my Favorite Games
      Halo 3 Warcraft 3 World of Warcraft What I'll Do
      Game Design Management Writing Help make awesome games with you. oWo What I Can Help Do
      Intermediate Programming (C#, Python, GML, JS, PHP, CSS, Java) Pixel Art (I can do traditional drawing, but I don't have anything for digital art.) What I can't do right now.
      3D modeling or coding. Audio anything. Expert/Advanced level programming. Goals of Our Team
      PC-Only, could change in the future. Genre Scope: Story-Heavy Horror RPG Survival Getting our feet wet, finding out who's who in our team, and making phat $ at some point /s. Requirements
      A mic and a Discord account to join our Discord server. Some previous work (doesn't have to be professional or with a team) for whatever position you're wanting with us. A couple hours at least 3 days a week to communicate and work with us. Great communication skills THREE of your FAVORITE games. >:D
    • By Plotnus

      The current questionable design:
      I have lava that kills the player when it hits it.
      The logic to play the death explosion is in the object the player hits.
      When I did this I was influenced by what I read about Sims object design.
      By placing the logic in the object it's easy to add more objects with different logic.
      The downside is that responses are distributed in all the objects.
      The upside is that I don't have to write code for handling damage events and responses, and mapping damage types to death animations etc.
      I do feel this would be inappropriate for things like projectiles, and enemy attacks.
      However because the object it hits is Static I figured it'd be ok.
      The Ask:
      So, what are your thoughts and what would you consider a good design?

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