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Devlog #12 - Our Journey

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Heya! :D

Today we are going to tell you what we have been up to!

Presenting at SringIT Con

Friday we took a 4 hour and half train trip to Lisbon! It was a really long journey… (laughs) On Saturday we went to one of the biggest universities here in Portugal (Instituto Superior Técnico). We went there for an event called SpringIT Con, it’s like a mini Comic Con, but mainly anime stuff. We had the honor of meeting one of the Portuguese veteran game developers! He was really nice and gave us some advice. We were sad we didn’t have more time to talk to him, but we had to present Project SpaceVille. After that we had to do another 4 hours back home.


Bug fixes and new bugs

We also have been improving our inventory system! After a lot of hard work, we no longer have bugs such as the tooltip being everywhere and all sorts of errors. But there is one bug we haven’t figured out yet,  the one when you take more than one item out of the inventory, the items change to the last one you’ve taken out. But for now we should launch a new update later today (won’t promise anything!).


Yesterday we tried to assemble our player? This sounds weird. (laughs) What I mean is, We tried to put her clothes on and hair. Everything went well. And in blender (the software we use to model and animate) the animations we had worked perfectly! I was so happy it worked at the first try! (celebrates) But when we tried to put the model in Unity.. it was a whole different world.. This how the player looks like now but with a really weird walk. The animation doesn’t play and the player moves likes this:



We will try to fix this and launch another update with the new main character!


We have also been working on the interior of the house and maybe next week you can have your house looking something like this:


Let us know what you think of this furniture set in the comment section. :)


We will be back for more news next week!


See ya,



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