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So I am still transforming this Future Tank Championship Game into an Arcade FPS. With Arenas and all that. And I am considering, 8 Player Matches only, it could make the game much simpler and a life system, so each time you get destroyed you lose a life, but if you destroy an opponent you can gain a life, but be careful, life's are limited to 4 per player. However, that might break the immersion of the game. So I'm thinking that if it's 8 players it would have hitpoints increased to 2000. And that way I can make the arenas slightly smaller. I'm still considering setting them in Stadiums, and of course adding what I'd call the "Former Forest Dome from Daytona USA 2" back in the game. I'm thinking that the arenas should have Rectangle Shapes, Square Shapes or Oval Shapes.

So here's my theory, 8 Players, each with 2000 hitpoints. And therefore it may take some time to whittle down your enemies. Also, the game needs to have a fast pace, like 60 mph fast pace. In an arena.

The Tanks still need to have different weapons and have unlimited reloading ammo. I Reckon that Sega Amusements UK will be pleased by this Idea. And it's either going to be an original engine or Unreal Engine 4.

This game will be popular I reckon, and if it gets really popular I'd port it.

The Goal of the game in single player is to destroy everyone and win all the levels. And like I said, because of the unlimited reloading ammo system, Resources are not a worry.

I will be making some Arena Concepts soon.



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