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Important Information For Your First STEAM Release




Ok I thought if I planned 4 weeks to get all the stores I want to release on ready to go, it should be plenty of time as I knew STEAM would be a week or 2 before it was ready to release. STEAM's website informed me it would be a few days to approve the games store page and a few days after that to approve my builds that I want to release. After I started getting into setting up my game on STEAM I realized it's going to take more time than that.

After a week of working on getting my game ready to upload to STEAM I found out I will have to push back my release date as there is more waiting that is not made clear when setting up your first app.

  • Store page and game build have been reviewed and approved
  • Store page has been visible as 'Coming Soon' for at least two weeks
  • Minimum of 30 days since the first purchase of an app credit

The bottom 2 are not made clear when you set up your very first game on STEAM. At least I never saw anything about those two while setting everything up. So after you purchase your very first app credit which allows you to upload one game, you must wait a minimum of 30 days after that. So now STEAM is telling me the earliest date I can release on is October 1st. I am posting this in the hopes that anyone looking to release a game on STEAM and has not done so yet, take this information and make sure you plan for this delay when picking a release date.


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Good advice. This something to get started on earlier rather than later.  Sometimes changes take days to weeks before Steam handles them.

Once everything is approved and ready, you can set your release date farther out.  As you mentioned, it must be at least two weeks, do it a month or more if you can. 

When the time comes to finally flip the switch don't change ANYTHING. Don't change wording, and absolutely do not change the ratings, permissions, or costs.  It can take time for the "powers that be" to review the changes, so don't risk it.  Also, flip the switch early. Schedule the date that it goes on sale at least a week in advance, then resist the temptation to change anything for a week.

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Thanks that also is good information. I did see that they take a few days to a week to approve the store and a few more days to a week to approve the build. When I originally set my release date it was about 3 to 3.5 weeks out. I figured that would be plenty of time to get those approved. And it would have been, but I was not aware that I also had to wait 30 days after purchasing the very first app key. Now I know better not to set a release date until AFTER I have everything approved and uploaded and ready to go.

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There is another interesting thing. You'll notice that when you start setting everything up Steam expects you to complete the Trading Card stuff even if your game is NOT eligible for them yet. The game and Store page will not be reviewed by Valve until this step is fully completed, at least this is how I understand it...

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