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How to Boost Conversion with Appropriate App Store Videos?


Visuals easily grab attention and particularly the video content just give users all the relief from the exercise of reading a text. Watching a video is a passive exercise allowing a sense of comfort while always explaining things better. Even then, we detest videos that instead of telling us straightforwardly what it is all about just beats around the bush.

What happens when such a lengthy and monotonous video appears on the app store trying to explain the uniqueness of an app? Obviously, such app preview videos instead of captivating attention make us quit. Do you think it is interesting to use a video as part of your app store preview? Before venturing to create it just have a look at some important stats and tips.

Deciphering the Stats about app preview video

Most studies say that preview videos not only boost app store conversion but also boosts the Lifetime Value (LTV) of an app. App marketplaces are tremendously competitive with every new app needing to compete with millions of other apps across the niches. With such huge competition and decreasing user attention, every app needs to impress its potential audience at the first chance and quicker it happens the better. Naturally, preview video perfectly fits into this requirement being both impressive and less time-consuming compared to text.

Many Indian app developers made app store preview videos central to their marketing strategy. In the time to come, we can see most app marketers adopting to this trend. Here are some key statistics about the preview videos used for both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

●    on an average among the Google Play visitors, only 15% prefer to play a video.
●    only 7.5% of average App Store users prefer playing the preview video.
●    While 55% of iOS users complete watching the preview video just 45% of Play Store visitors watch preview videos till the end.

From the above-mentioned stats, it may seem preview videos as still not popular and they may not be as successful as they are presumed to be. Many of these videos just lack the attributes necessary for impressing visitors quickly. On the other hand, the people who watch preview videos offer far higher conversion than people who do not watch them. Here are a few more stats about what the visitors do after watching a preview video of an app.

●    among the watchers of these videos, 50% of iOS users and 25% of Google Play visitors scroll down the gallery.
●    a whopping 70-80% of visitors on both App Store and Play Store scroll down further to look for contents about the app.
●    only 5% of watchers read the App Store description.
●    20% of visitors on both platforms take an instant call on installing or skipping the app just after watching the video.

Lastly, it is a sordid fact that most users across the platforms are seen to be so reluctant to go deeper into any app description or preview that they are less likely to watch it. But still, with a great preview video perfected in every respect, your app can boost conversion to a significant extent. Lastly, among the top 50 successful apps, 84% of them use a preview video. So, if you want to learn from the leaders, a preview video is something you cannot do without. Some app developers in India and elsewhere seem to be rather enthusiastic about this visual tool.

But, preview video needs to be perfect in all aspects since it is your first and last chance of introducing an app to a potential buyer. Here we go with a few tips for preview video that can help pushing conversion.

Video Content

The attention span of mobile audience irrespective of the platforms has touched the bottom low, and it's only a span of few seconds that you get to grab their attention. Do you know among the visitors who start watching a preview video both in App Store or Google Play Store, 10% of them just leave the video within every 5 seconds? So, you need to deliver your message quicker and most straightforwardly.

First of piece of truth that you should remember while creating a preview video is that it is not a tutorial video and so you do not need to go into details about how to use the app. All you need to focus is why the users need it. Just explain the biggest USP of your app in a short, impressive and direct manner.

Game app preview

Games are different from all other apps in terms of audience and user intentions for downloading them. In most cases, games are downloaded by judging the graphics quality and game playing experience. So, your game preview video must deliver the excitement of the actual gameplay.

Video length

As we have discussed earlier, your video length must be short and precise enough to keep their attention throughout. Mobile users are already a restless lot with almost frantic attention span, and so any dragging and pushing around a few points will only make them leave undecided.

Sound and Narration

A nice audible narration and background score is nice as long as the video is watched in private places. For public viewing, your video should come with muted video options with subtitles, transitions and callouts to ensure a rich watching experience without sound.

Let's cut a long story short by telling you that preview videos are good as long as it can work as a captivating piece of content for your target audience. Give your most important message within a few first seconds since most decisive users can take a call much earlier than the span of the video. On the other hand, so-called casual explorer audience can eventually like the app by watching the video and so make the rest of the video impressive by explaining the value it offers.


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