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In the begining we had an idea to make one button game.

That was our only goal, (why?) I guess becouse it is unusual, and was ment to make us stand out a little bit from a big crowd of indiedevs.


We were searching many games (just to check if this is possible to make something good with just one button).

There was not much interesting ones (as you may guess), one button game.... that sounds ridiculous and oversymplified.

Maybe one game that was interesting, it is this one:

"One Button Bob"


but my friend said it is to simple, and just flash trash, but anyway I liked it, and thought - hey "one button" concept is verry interesting, we have to dig deeper ;]

So we did.


Finally we found 2 games that looked promising those was:

"Boxing Physics"


"Bouncy Basketball"


Both of them have preety much the same "left/right" woobly mechanic as Bob.


So we have made prototype, during testing we decided to add jumping to this, and later on we had adopted "Flying Bug" - see more in "Blessed by Bug" entry in this blog.


We are releasing Bouncy Bob 13 th of october 17 and we are pretty optymistic, becouse all testers love it,

Dont forget to wishlist it (it will be quite low 4.99$ and during premiere even 10% less):








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