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PC The Gragons Farm | Beta Demo

Void Jogos


Hello, people!

This is the first time we show you "The Gragons Farm"! We are developing this game for almost 5 months. We want to show you what the game is all about, and what you can expect from this wonderful world. We have a Trailer for you to see and a Beta Demo for you to try and see for yourself what this is about. Tell us all of your feedback to know what to improve and change.

TheGragonsFarm | "Coming Soon" Trailer


In The Gragons Farm world you can do all you want, fight, build, craft, capture new gragons, and much much more.


The Gragons are little monsters that live in this world. But something is happening in the world. Only you can discover what is going on.

For you to do this. You will need to explore this world, and find all the Grodges. You will have to craft objects for your farm and weapons to help you. You can also bring Gragons to your Farm to help you on your adventure.



Beta Demo Released!

This is the link to download the Beta Demo:

In this Beta Demo you can:

  • Explore 3 different locations and biomes. In the full version, there will be 100 different locations for you explore. Every location has different Items and Gragons to find.


  • Decorate your house as you like from your crafted items. In the full version, there will be more than 300 items to craft and use to personalize your own Farm.



  • Craft lots of different items to help you in this world. In the full version, there will be more than 400 items to craft and use, for example lots of weapons.



  • Increase your Gragon collection in your farm. In the full version, there will 100 different Gragons for to discover and bring to farm. You can bring as many Gragons as you like.



  • Feed your Gragon pets and make them live like kings or just have a poop party. You need to feed them to get improve their level and get lots of new Items to use.



Minimum Specs: 
Intel Core i3-3217U 
CPU 1.80 GHz 
2GB Ram 
Windows 7,8,10

Recommended Specs: 
Intel Core i5-3230M 
CPU 2.60 GHz 
4GB Ram 
Windows 7,8,10

That´s all for now. We hope you liked all the things we showed. We also hope you try the Beta Demo and tell us your opinion. We need all the feedback possible to create the game you want.

If you have questions to ask, ideas to tell us, just email to voidjogos@gmail.com.

Note: This game is a Beta Demo and the full version is still in development.


Visit our Itch.io page to download the Beta Demo



Visit our VoidJogos Facebook page to see what we are doing and contact our team and also Like the page.


Visit our VoidJogos Youtube Channel and Subscribe to see all the latest videos.

VoidJogos YouTube


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