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Devlog #14 - Next steps

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I hope you are all having a nice week!


I know we took a while to release the first update but in a blink of an eye we launched the second one! Ahah Have you updated your “Project SpaceVille”? Now, seriously I hope the inventory is running more  more smoothly now. No bug reports yet, so we’ll believe everything is alright. We also updated the new player character so it’s actually a girl now! Sorry boys! :P

Next feature - Customization

We don’t want you to have the same character as everyone.. Where is the fun in that? We will start working on the character creation feature now. We have the models for the clothes the player will use, such as t shirts, long sleeve shirt, shorts, etc.


How does it actually work? We have separate models for each piece of clothes like in the image above, so what we need to do is assemble the pieces automatically and create an unique mesh with the player’s character. After assembling the character we will just “swipe” the textures from the models. But besides the clothes we also want you to be able to change the player’s face and hair. We also did some concepts! Let us know what you think!


If all goes well maybe it should be done in a week or two? We’ll see! We’ve actually never done anything like this so there might be some obstacles but we’ll overcome them! (grins )



Tomorrow we will do a podcast with Aden! Here is his website check it out http://www.indiegamingpodcast.com/  

We’ll be talking about us and the game, it should be a lot of fun.

And stay tuned because we will publish the podcast on our social media once it’s released! :)


Cya next week!



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