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Why Marketing Automation Require for B2B Marketers?


Today the hottest trend in the marketing space is marketing automation. There is a number of challenges for marketers to reach out the target audience, and one of them is putting themselves into repetitive tasks. This is where marketing automation helps them.

There are some mobile apps development companies India and USA offering marketing automation services that are enabled with machine learning and artificial Intelligence.

Think that you spend time on sending the greeting mail for every customer, drafting email for existing customers during festive season or on discounts that are available on certain products. You may want to engage with social media users who liked your company’s social media profiles in recent time. When the marketers are fed up with extra work and if they are not able to focus on their core task, they may lose their efficiency. This is where marketing automation helps them.



Marketing automation is a software service that automates repetitive marketing activities and some tasks it can automate are email campaigns, social media posting, and website ad optimization.

So, you may ask me a question that, why should I need marketing automation in my business? The answer is very simple. If your competitor is using marketing automation, then you cannot stay in the competition. The company that adopted marketing automation more likely overtake others, but one who doesn’t use lacks competitive edge.  


Marketing automation leverages most sophisticated technology, but still it is a very simple one to handle, especially that is developed by some leading technology services company, especially top Mobile apps development company India or US. It doesn’t essentially require a technical person to handle. Marketing manager can handle this.

With the marketing automation, sales team can expect quality leads (filtered leads). Big ecommerce brands like Amazon, Flipkart and Paytm already have marketing automation.

Marketing Automation Can Automate:

·       Email marketing

·       Lead generation

·       Landing page creation

·       Cross-sell and up-sell

·       Cross-channel marketing campaigns

·       Customer Retention Tasks

·       Measuring ROI

·       Website personalization

The above tasks are well familiar to all marketers, but without the right tools, it is not easy to generate fine results. Today it is not much effective to connect with customers through manual efforts. This is where marketing automation comes in the convenience of marketers.





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