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my korean community sucks

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woa-ouh chill...

I got out of a community that is of game journals owned and torn by unknown online cliques related to government cyber forces five years ago.

some people had volunteer that for managing posts , events and censoring contents from trolls during most of months and 

could get high level staff position and happened so could get some qualifications for staff election. but suddenly they made some issues.

most people had illogical and irrational penalties from a fake guilt the fucking dickhead staffs made and they were banned from the community.

yeah they were looked like acting government upholder groups and finally administrator showed up and cut the dickheads.

yeah the noisy issues had been finished successfully? NOPE some of the dickheads changed their nicknames and were acting like positive critics about commu.

so since that fucking issue was happened, no one can't post delicate posts because troll dickheads will be coming and reply fucking biased posts with DISLIKE!


yea most communities looks like that my commu some maddest cyber forces or UPHOLDERS

so painful and mindfuckingful

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