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I Am Overburdened, coming soon!



Hi everyone!

This entry is a bit more like an announcement and less like a devlog entry, but here it goes:
I Am Overburdened is going to be released on October 23 for PC :) !!!

Here it is, the release trailer featuring some fun game-play footage in all its glory:

Store, platform, price & wishlisting

The game will be sold primarily through Steam and itch.io for Windows PC initially. The future platforms will depend on how well the game does sales wise. I would not like to promise any other devices/OSs upfront as porting can be a big effort so if the game flops I may not have the time/capital to deliver.

It will cost 4.99$ (may vary based on store & region).

It is a relatively short game, but has a huge “replayability” factor.

Since it is run focused and has permanent death, completing it once will take less than an hour, but the game has enough content (artifacts, monsters, procedural dungeons, unlocks, game modes) to keep it fresh for dozens of playthroughs.

I really believe it is a correct price point. It has a lot of fun stuff to keep you entertained for a while ;) .

You can already wishlist the game on Steam to get an e-mail on release day:


Or you can follow my developer profile on itch.io to get a notification:


My website, the Steam store-page and the Steam Community Hub already has a lot more information about the features of the game and the release itself.

Release calendar

I’m doing a little marketing “sprint” thingy up until the release day. I’m calling it the “Wishlist Release Calendar”. Essentially, to promote the game a little, I’m going to release an artifact from the game every day with its “fluff” text on various channels (here too) updating or posting the new version of the following image:



If you like the game or liked it’s development “story” you can help me. Wishlisting the game now on Steam (even for buying it later) or buying it on release day (there will be a tiny discount ;):P ) supports me tremendously. Even if you are not really interested in buying/playing the game you can help. How :o ?! It’s simple, share it. Share a store-page link or the trailer with friends and relatives who may be interested in playing it. That is all! It’s really nothing, but it may allow the game to reach a broader audience, and thus in the long run may allow me to further support my game development journey :) .

Thanks in advance.

Promises, future

No one knows how the future unfolds. I have confidence in the game, because it is AWESOME, but I’m crazy nervous :( . The success of a game doesn’t only depend on its quality (or I should say the quality it’s developer perceives :| ). No matter how this release turns out I can promise more devlog entries ;):) . At least one about the last development weeks of I Am Overburdened and a little later a postmortem entry about it.

My journey may change course, but it doesn’t end here :) , wish me luck ;) !

Thanks for reading and thanks for all the support so far!
Take care.


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