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Devlog #16 - Oh no, not clothes again!

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Hey everyone!

Not much to say today! Ahah But here it goes..

Customization Feature

Sooooo, this is going pretty well actually! We have finished the part of creating an unique mesh. (cheers) Now we are working on the dressing when clicking on the inventory. This is what it’s starting to look like! This is what it looks like in Unity engine!

We're also working on some clothing concept art! We can't wait to share it with you!


Famalicão Extreme Gaming

We went to this really cool event over here in Portugal, it’s called Famalicão Extreme Gaming. I was interviewed for one of the biggest portuguese newspapers, Jornal de Notícias, and here it is! Weeee Ahahah I was asked to talk about my studies, because Gil and I went to the first gamedev BAS in Portugal. Then I was spoke about how we came up with FAXIME and explained what is Project SpaceVille.





We will also be at Techdays in Aveiro! TECHDAYS is a space for debate on topics very relevant to our industry, where the main national and international specialties will be present in areas of relevant interest associated with the use of technology. So.. I’ll be there 3 days showing Project SpaceVille to people! :)



Cya next week!




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