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Started GameDev Challenge for Oct 2017

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I started participating in the game dev community challenge for oct. 2017 !

Here are the progress after the first evenings:


Evening 1:

I decided to make a bubble bobble game in C++ from scratch without using any external libraries - except for my own platform abstraction library (FPL).

So i started up visual studio 2017 communiy edition and made all the groundwork nessecary to power a game, like base rendering, robust input handling, stable game loop, etc.


Evening 2:

I am closer to a game now, i have a player (rectangle) jumping around on the screen with rock-solid vector based collisions in a fixed level.

Movements seems to be okay for now and are pretty solid. I am happy, made good progress so far.


Evening 3:

Starting to add a ton of math vector/matrix stuff, so i can migrate to modern opengl pretty soon. Also i can now load and render textures ;)

Second thing i have done is to prepare FPL to handle gamepads using XInput in win32, using the same event system i have right now.






  • Move the level to a tile based system, so i can render and create it more easiely
  • Sprites!
  • Spawning collectibles
  • Move to a command render system instead of immediate rendering, so i can abstract the rendering entirely.
  • Compile glew yourself so that you wont get weird linker errors on the prebuild libraries or write your own opengl loader
  • First enemy
  • Draw text like score/level and in-game labels
  • Menu!
  • Copy assets as post-build to the output path instead of setting the work-directory


  • Cant use SIMD for mat4-mult right now, because __m128 is not recognized at all even though i included all the intrinsics headers -.-


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