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today here's a bittersweet symphony

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okay hold on... I have some serious issues so should have a plan so let's get started.

for my future, I have to take down my costs of spending in daily and limit it so consider it.


for food costs to be under :

1. a bag of rice that costs about $50 can be spent for two months by eating one medium bowl of boiled rice per day > I should spend $300 by 6 bags per year

2. I must spend 3 liters of water per day that costs $5 > spend $2,000 per year

3. vitamins and minerals and moods are essential for my daily life away from stresses, a box of kimchi can be spent for one month and costs $5, a 35lbs coffee powder costs $5 > $520

for a year, I should spend about $2,820 for survival

and a pay per year is about $15,943 so the first distance is about $13,123

for taxes : 

1. spent $355 for monthly rent with $6,200 deposit > $4,260 per year except that deposit

2. spent $71 for monthly utility charge > $852 per year

3. spent $2,136 for a year income tax and $18 for a year local improvement tax 

outcome : $13,123 - $7,266 = $5,857 ...

one time paid costs : 

1. one pc costs $160 with utilities that cost $100 and one smart phone costs $40 from used stuff > $300

2. one tablet from aliexpress costs $80

3. one harrington jacket with one bomber jacket , one hoodie vest with two hoodie , three tartan shirts , five sweatshirts , five tshirts , four jeans with three cotton pants , four 5 yards tartan kilts , 

four pairs of kilt hoses ... about $400

outcome : $400 + $6,200 deposit = $6,600 ... -$5,857 ... from now on static cost is $0

my investment :  about 0.45BTC


I can survive around brutal beasts and can smack on troll messages. I should do and finish this plan for some years. yea ......... yea

no one don't care about me so i don't need any helps because any no sympathy is around me and it's real.

i think though my ideal world or any idea, no transaction of communication for other side profis is here

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