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Making progress

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I am making steady progress - but in a very slow pace, not sure if i can keep up with the challenge time frame.

Also i am coding on my crappy notebook (MSI Apache Pro) with the worst keyboard layout ever. No space for a keyboard right now, also i am sick fighting against a cold.


Evening 4:

Game pad input is working great, thanks to XInput with integration into FPL ;-)

I can plug in and out any controller and it just works. Also i prepared it for multiplayer, so it will spawn another player when a new controller has been plugged in. When i am in single player mode, every controller can control the single player. So you can move with the keyboard and then of a sudden switch to a gamepad and move with them. Pretty cool if i say that so myself.


Evening 5:

Starting to get a basic level editor up and running, with the ability to toggle between editor and game mode.

Also i changed the renderer system a lot.


Evening 6:

Struggling a lot, lost a bit of motivation but still made some progress.

Now i am rendering sprites for the level instead of rectangles, yay! Also i integrated ImGui now and made the editor entirely with the ImGui API.

Worked beutifully after i nailed down some simple dimensional math... which took me forever, because i suck at math most of the times because i am not using it regularly.

Game is still the same though... simple stable platformer, but no enemies, no collectibles, no goal... 



- I need to make a player sprite, a rectangle looks ugly

- Time to make my first enemy for the very first time, i never made any AI code at all

- Player should fire something to freeze the enemies, but with a cooldown

- After sprites are done, make animations and integrate it into the game.

- Sounds

- Menu

- More levels



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