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Tero Ojala


Adding some finishing touches to game:

  • Zombies now does not ignore player
  • Less annoying audio that fades away quicker when player is not close
    • Audio is far from done, ambient, footsteps etc...
  • New Zombie animations
    • Running
    • Standing up after being turned to zombie
  • Trees now hides when it obstructs view to player
  • Limited ammo and "realistic" clip-size and reload
  • Ammo crates
  • Minimap!
    • Cyan for human
    • Red for zombie
    • Gray for dead (really dead)
    • Yellow for ammo crates
  • Money-balancing
    • Killing zombie gives 10€
    • Killing human takes away 5€
    • Turret costs 500€
    • If Zombie kills human, it does not decrease money. Only if player shoots human, it decreases.
  • UI-redesign
  • Random details on maps (rocks, bushes and so on)


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