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Devlog #19 - Money talk

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Hello again!


Long time no see! (*wink* laughs) I hope everyone is doing well. What did you think of yesterday’s post? Let us know in the comments!

Today we are going to talk about something totally different. Today we will be talking about monetization.



We’ve been thinking a lot about monetization, and how it will work in “Project SpaceVille”. On the one hand, we want to make enough money so that we can live (laughs), on the other hand we don’t want to screw up our loyal players.

As such, we came up with 3 ideas. Just to be clear, we don't want make the game “impossible” or less enjoyable to play without paying. Most (if not all) of the game’s content should be accessible to non-paying players.


Idea #1

Ads. Yes it’s annoying, we know. (laughs) But it’s one of the ways we can make money without giving out players much of a burden. And to make it even less intrusive, we thought about placing ads in loading scenes only, for example. Better to watch an ad than a loading screen with nothing at all, right? (laughs) And that way you'd be helping us survive as well.


Idea #2

The player could buy in-game currency whenever he wants. Let’s say €1.00 or $1.00 can get you 150 coins or so of in-game currency, for example. This way, the player can buy new clothes, furniture, etc. whenever it feels like.


Idea #3

There would be an an annual subscription that would unlock all content in the game, remove all ads, and give an allowance to the player as well.


Let us know what you think! If you have any different ideas, please share them with us!


We have no idea what to name it. Maybe we could use your help? Help us by brainstorming names like SpaceBucks ahah. Share your ideas on the comments! If you want to chat with us, we are very responsive on Facebook.



See you soon!
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