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Game Engine Editor

Vilem Otte



So, I'm slowly progressing with my hobby project. This is the first time I write something about the project directly tied to it, or more likely essential part of it. I'll share few details here about the editor development.


Making useful game/engine editor that is easy to control is definitely a long-run task. While the engine itself is updated to support Direct3D 12 currently, there was no real editor that could be at least a bit generic. For my current goal with this project, I decided to start with editor and work from there. So where am I at?
I'm already satisfied with some of the basic tasks - selection system, transformations, editing scenegraph tree (re-assigning object elsewhere - through drag&drop, etc.), undo-redo system (yet with adding more features this needs to grow), I'm definitely not satisfied with way I handle rotations edited through input fields. Component editing is currently work-in-progress (you can see prototype on the screenshot), and definitely needs add/delete buttons. It is not properly connected with undo-redo system yet, but it works. So what are problems with components?
  • They're not finished, few basic were thrown together for basic scenes, but I'm not satisfied with them (F.e. lighting & shadowing system is going to get overhauled while I do this work)
  • Undo/redo tends to be tricky on them, as each action needs to be reversible (F.e. changing light type means deletion of current Light-deriving class instance and creation of new different Light-deriving class instance)
  • Selecting textures/meshes/..., basically anything from library, requires a library (which has no UI as of now!)
Clearly the component system has advantages and disadvantages. The short term plan is:
  1. Update lighting & shadowing system
  2. Add library (that it makes sense!) with textures, meshes and other data - make those drag&drop into components
  3. Add a way to copy/paste selection
  4. Add a way to add/remove components on entities
  5. Add save/load for the scene in editor format
Alright, end of my short pause - time to continue!


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