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Prototype #1 released

Stefan Hendriks


For all those interested you can now play the first prototype of a domination style RTS game. I would appreciate to get any feedback about this.


You can download it here.


It is written in Java 8 and should work on Mac OS, Linux and Windows – given you have installed the Java 8 runtime (or higher).


To run

  • download the ZIP file
  • unpack somewhere you like
  • cd into the directory (urts-0.0.4-SNAPSHOT)
  • execute game.sh or game.bat (depending on your OS)


Rules of the game

  • Scout and conquer SUB bases, they give you DOMINATION POINTS after each round
  • If you have a dominating force nearby a SUB base you can conquer it from another player (and vice versa)
  • Each minute you have a ’round’. After each round of 1 minute the domination points are accumulated and a new round is started.
  • After 5 rounds ( == 5 minutes), the game ends. The player with most domination points win!


What it looks like


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Recommended Comments

Hey! I tried Untitled Real-Time-Strategy-Game (great name, BTW :)).

I like the concept, although I haven't manage to win over the machine yet.

Now, there is two things that are really getting in my way in the gameplay:

1) Sometimes I try select a unit and I can't, I have to keep clicking on it until it works.
2) Sometimes I command my units to move or attack and they do nothing.

I think those problems are more related with the mouse-event-handling system them anything, but it really gets in the way of gameplay. I'm using Fedora 26 + Wayland GNOME, so platform may have something to do with it.

If those are fixable, and you manage to fix them, I'd love to try again, for now the controls are stressing me out :P
I'm in the process of changing my OS, if that happens, I'll try it out again and see if it is a Wayland issue, and let you know.

Overall it is a nice gameplay, keep working on it, I would like to see where it goes :)

PS: Uuuuhhh, a restart button at the end of the game would be awesome, too.

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Hey Stefan,


Nice start on your game. I'm using Windows 10 and everything seems to work. I have that urge from AOE to left-click to select and right-click to perform action with selections, but that's probably not the case with other users. I picked up the game mechanics pretty well, but I suggest making the first few minutes kind of a tutorial. Maybe have an enemy unit right by the base, and prompt the user to select their tanks and attack the enemy. Then explain that factories can be made to make more tanks. I kind of like figuring things out and being thrown into the dark, but it might also be useful to note that some buildings can be captured and then protected with turrets. Also, at first I didn't realize why the controls all-of-a-sudden quit working, until I realized the game was over because I hit round 5. So yeah, a notification that the game has ended and a button to restart would be very helpful!


I really like that a few simple things create a seemingly endless possibility stream. I think you're on the right path.

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