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Augmented Reality: Definition And Benefits




Customers are the key to the success of any business. This is why businesses are keen to embrace an emerging technology that brings them closer to their customers. Exceeding customer satisfaction is of paramount importance which is why Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that can take customer experience to the next level. While it has been around for a while, it has only recently started to take center stage. Businesses have started to see it's importance and it is been projected to soar in the nearest future.

What is Augmented Reality? It is an enhanced version of reality where the physical environment is overlaid with a computer-generated image thereby giving the user an enhanced view. It is usually viewed through an application on a smartphone.

How Augmented Reality different from Virtual Reality? Rather than overlay the experience with the use of an app, virtual reality completely immerses the user inside an experience with the use of a headset. Whereas AR only uses an app to augment an environment making it enhanced to the user.

Customers have become technology savvy and as such, businesses have to look for innovative ways to engage them and exceed their expectations. Once this is achieved, they pay more, bring their friends, the company generates more revenue and in the end, everyone is happy.

Here are 7 ways AR can benefit your business

1. Increases user engagement

Imagine going for shopping and you see a shop where you can use augmented reality to try out their products. You’ll definitely be enticed to experience this technology. This is what augmented reality does. It triggers the sense of imagination in the customers. Once it’s a positive experience, they will definitely engage more and spread the word.

2. Personalized user experience

One of the reasons while email marketing has stood the test of time is because it’s the only type of marketing that gets personal with the customer. This is why augmented reality will also thrive in businesses. It allows users customize what they want to buy. It aids the buying decision right there and then.

3. Cost-effective

The cost of using augmented reality in the long run can prove to be cost-effective, reason being that after a successful implementation, it increases brand exposure and generates more revenue. It also eliminates the extra cost of real estate or additional staff because anyone in any part of the world can visit virtual stores and shop.

4. Increased business exposure

AR gives businesses the opportunity to increase brand awareness because it can make customers feel like part of the brand. There are several ways to achieve this. AR can give customers a behind the scene footage of how a product was made. Also, anyone who has issues with his products can simply use AR to understand how to install or use the products from the convenience of their home. Awesome isn’t it?

5. Service before payment

How will it be nice to try out something before you pay? AR does this to perfection. For example, you go to a store to buy a cloth or pair of shoes and you are able to wear it virtually to see how it fits without physically wearing it. It can also be in a furniture store where you can see how to arrange a virtual furniture in your house to know if the furniture fits what you need. Using technology to achieve this is just pure genius. Need I say more?

6. Customize customer journey

Also, AR can help you to get more information about your customers, which makes you give more enticing loyalty promos with personal rewards. You will know what your customer wants based on their buying experience. AR will improve your effort to develop a unique customer journey, thereby putting you steps ahead of your competition in your niche.

7. Future possibilities

In the world of technology, the possibilities are endless. This is why augmented reality is something that must be ventured into because it’s difficult to imagine what the future will be like. Soon, technology will become cheaper and smaller businesses can also venture into AR which will also lead to a great customer experience in greater return on investment (ROI).

How AR can change the face of businesses

Real Estate:

With AI, customers can experience a whole new level of awesomeness when they want to buy and rent a house. You can easily hold your phone and walk around the property and get real-time updates on the price, building information, contact information etc.


AR will surely increase the attraction tourism already generates. For example, visiting a museum and getting real-time updates on historical stuff simply by placing your phone over it is really cool. It increases the user experience.


AR is just what education needs at the moment. Ranging from medical to engineering students, they can get to perform practical simulations without the fear of injuring themselves, patients or damaging any properties. The possibilities are endless.

Retail business:

Augmented Reality has given both online and offline shoppers a new experience. A customer can try out different sizes of shoes or clothes and choose the one that fits best. Customers can also choose furniture types or even check interiors of cars from anywhere in the world. What AR does is to further bridge the geographical gap that still exists in shopping. Anyone can shop anywhere without the fear of getting something different from what was ordered for.

Bring Augmented Reality app developed by app developers to life is by no means an easy feat. You need experienced hands in the business to make it a reality.

The potential in augmented reality is unimaginable at this point and it will only get better as more studies are being carried out. It is easier to fit into our daily life routine and it will greatly help businesses achieve their overall goal which is making more sales.


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