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Issue: Exporting from MagicaVoxel

Colony 7 Production Blog


Description; I am a designer currently working on the video game Colony 7. The purpose of the blog is to address the issues of the game's development and to address any solutions or alternative methods to better prepare for the arrival of inconveniences in the future or how to avoid them entirely. The blog also addresses my individual performance. The team is made up of two programmers and four level designers but all do not necessarily combine roles during development. The game is being developed in Unity (2017.1.1f1 onward) with a development time of 13 weeks for a college allocated task.

I experienced an issue with the program Magicavoxel during development time and was bale to warn the rest of my group and they have not yet experienced the issue as of yet. MagicaVoxel's export function was no longer working/ My attempts to create an object (obj) for Colony 7 resulted in any work that I had completed within the previous hours to be deleted.The program would stop working and would need to be shut down and opened again to be used. However I created the same assets multiple times and lost them the same way. I first tried taking Vox files from the program's folders and creating copies on my laptop manually but that resulted in objects that would not import into Unity and into our game properly. My final solution was to save the Vox files not completed recently (which were already stored online for anyone in my group to access) and then deleting and reinstalling MagicaVoxel to which the errors did not return.

My conclusion is that the new update my device received did not agree with something that MagicaVoxel was prohibiting as the program stopped functioning after the Windows update. Despite having lost 3 days of time and work  I was able to warn my group of the issue and the work was caught up the following day after knowing exactly what it was I was making. There is nothing I assume I could have done to avoid the error but I now try to export a default object every time I use MagicaVoxel to verify if something has caused the program to halt my progression again. I am the only one to have received this problem so far and I make sure to upload any assets I create for my project online as soon as I have finished them in case of any sudden issues.

I have not been personally efficient in covering more jobs as I haven't asked also. Due to some personal circumstances I wasn't able to work and I have hindered my group because of the week I spent doing little for Colony 7's progression. I plan to combat this by communicating more thoroughly with each designer and in the future assist with any programming I am able to despite my difficulty in that area.

More unexpected halts in progression will be addressed with future blogs throughout Colony 7's development time. Thank you for your time and feedback is appreciated.

Colony 7 Designer.

(Below are all the assets that I had to recreate due to this issue)


Crate Unlocked.PNG

Comm Tower.PNG


Small Crate.PNG

Crate Locked.PNG


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