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Soul of Mask




My name is Alain Perrin,I come here to present my project (actually almost finished) of game.

Soul Of Mask already announced on steam. It is, unfortunately, a one-man job. 3 years of pleasure and nightmares.  But it is still a joy to work on it. I was supposed to start talking about this game at least one year ago it is probably a big mistake a made. Anyways better late than never.

It is a game about a mask supposed to collect one object and avoid enemies on the map with Pacman view. The main character has to take a mask to be able to collect those object. Those masks have some powers like burning enemies, feezing... by using a power of a mask it is lost.  The game is supposed to be released on steam at the end of this month (nov 25th 2017).

The game is writen C/SDL, graphics assets are made with gimp and audio lmms/audacity.

current status of a game is debug/testing.

More info are coming soon.

for the moment you can have a look at indiedb and steam


Video of the game  gameplay:





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Sounds interesting and the looks are really charming / consistent.
Keep up the good work and brace yourself for the release ;) .

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Didn't expect a so quick comment. thanks. I am not good in communication, I'll try to post as much information as i can.

I don't want to flood either, feel free to tell me when it is too much. Thanks for your comment.

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No biggie, just been around gamedev this morning, checked it and I wrote down my first impression (the pictures look good) ;) .

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