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A protocol for memory management

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- memory hierarchy : memory > area > ( ordered/unordered block )

- root object : 
@ initialize : setting values in an existed area
@ create : allocating any new area
@ delete : freeing above an area

- sub object : 
@ allocate : allocating any new unorderd block in an existed area
@ deallocate : freeing any new unorderd block in an existed area
@ push : allocating any new ordered block in an existed area
@ pop : freeing any new ordered block in an existed area
@ point : accessing a specific block and getting address

- common : 
@ set : editing values in a specific memory
@ get : bringing values from a specific memory

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      Developed class library to send requests and receive responses from API.
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      I know I could get some free art online to get the job done, but I figured I'd give an artist a chance to showcase their work on a published project.
      This is not a Unity or Unreal project. 
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      Experience in 2D environment art.
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      Front-end experience a plus, but not needed.
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      Hello all,
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      Yes, I am aware that windows supports the DirectInput method. This is my fall back in the event that I can't get the XUSB protocol to move forward.
      Thank you

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