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SFX Sound Effect tutorial: How to make the sound of a Spaceship Passing By

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Hi my name is Olivier Girardot, Composer and Sound designer. Check out my Sound Effect shop: http://www.ogsoundfx.com  and get your free samples !

Here are a few tips to create yourself the effect of an object passing by, starting with a simple sound, and artificially recreating the impression that it is driving or flying in front of you. Whether it's a car, a spaceship or a flying dragon. Please like this video, comment, and subscribe to my channel !



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Nice tutorial. I would note that for games you really want the engine handling the Doppler effect. If you bake the effect in the sound you limit the possibilities for that sound to a single event and any further timing changes to that event becomes a nightmare.

Link for Doppler node in Unreal Engine 4:  

Link for Unity: 
https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/class-AudioManager.html (See 'Doppler Factor' property)

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Sorry, just saw your message. You are absolutely right ! And that goes for all kinds of effects. Reverbs, spatial localization and so on.

Thanks for your input !

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