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Issue: Unity Collaborate

Colony 7 Production Blog


Description; I am a designer currently working on the video game Colony 7. The purpose of the blog is to address the issues of the game's development and to address any solutions or alternative methods to better prepare for the arrival of inconveniences in the future or how to avoid them entirely. The blog also addresses my individual performance. The team is made up of two programmers and four level designers but all do not necessarily combine roles during development. The game is being developed in Unity (2017.1.1f1 onward) with a development time of 13 weeks for a college allocated task.

Unity Collaborate was the bane of my team's existence is what I believe I should begin with. After having solved recent issues with it beforehand, the solutions my team put in place to avoid any mismatching between project versions stopped when too many members were altering the project version they had and upload their own copies. Much like my personal difficulty with MagicaVoxel once they had finished and prepared their changes Unity Collaborate would update the initial copy but would delete all changes made. Two days of both programming and design implementation were lost to this error but were quickly implemented again after the error was noticed.

We found that using only two machine had no effect on the project but once three were using Collaborate then the errors would begin to appear. As our new precaution only two team members were allowed to work on the project when intending to use Collaborate to upload new additions for Colony 7. Using Trello to update our organised production we could focus on when changes were made and communication over Slack was more than efficient to tell the team when Colony 7 needed to be updated on all machines.

Given my little interaction with the current copy of Colony 7 I did not have much to do with the solution but I was able to refer everyone to the similar issue with MagicaVoxel and the team now checks that they can upload without any halting progression before any major or big implementations are started.

More unexpected halts in progression will be addressed with future blogs throughout Colony 7's development time. Thank you for your time and feedback is appreciated.


Colony 7 Designer.


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