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Dev Blog: Week 24 Act 2 incoming!



Welcome to Dev Blog Week 24, we are close to finishing Act 2!! We are balancing the monsters and towers, but this might take a week or two to finish it.

There will be a total of 6 maps, including a miniboss in between, and an act boss at the end. The theme of Act 2 is the dungeon. Therefore you will see a bit different layout compare to previous maps.

Without further adieu, these are some screenshots of act2!


Hell Warders 11_14_2017 11_26_24 AM.png

Hell Warders 11_14_2017 11_28_43 AM.png

Hell Warders 11_14_2017 11_28_51 AM.png

Hell Warders 11_14_2017 11_29_22 AM.png

Hell Warders 11_14_2017 11_29_37 AM.png

Hell Warders 11_14_2017 11_30_22 AM.png

Hell Warders 11_14_2017 11_30_32 AM.png


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