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Devlog #22 - Web Summit!

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Hi everyone!


It’s been a while… How is everyone doing? :D We have a lot of news for you but today we are going to talk about Web Summit!


As you might already know, last week was the Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon and we were there!


Web Summit

First of all WOW! Ahah I think I talk for everyone when I say Web Summit was an intense experience. In the first two days we only strolled around...met new people..  attended a few conferences and we even watched a few pitches from other companies.

But then day 3 came! [Dramatic music] It was 7:30am when we got to Web Summit. It was soooo early all we wanted was sleep. Around 9am people started to show up and then it’s when things got real. We had to pitch over and over again Project SpaceVille. We must have pitched about 1 thousand times? Ahaha And no I’m not exaggerating.

Imagine this: standing up for 10hrs straight and always repeating yourself. Ahah It was somewhat exhausting, I won’t lie, but in the end it was a wonderful experience! We met a large number of interesting people, a lot of interesting startups and even some investors!

In the end of day three, our sponsor, Startup League, organized a closing Mixer which was a great way to relax after such a long day.

We’d like to thank Startup League for helping us and making us goodies. 



We launched a new version of the Insider Program. Unfortunately, some people have told us they have been having trouble with this new version. Screen shaking or a loading bug, might occur. If you're experiencing this, try restarting the game and don't touch anything until the game loads. If the problem sustains, let us know. We will try to solve this problem as soon as possible.
 Screenshot of André Soares
See you soon,


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