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Issue: Scope

Colony 7 Production Blog


Description; I am a designer currently working on the video game Colony 7. The purpose of the blog is to address the issues of the game's development and to address any solutions or alternative methods to better prepare for the arrival of inconveniences in the future or how to avoid them entirely. The blog also addresses my individual performance. The team is made up of two programmers and four level designers but all do not necessarily combine roles during development. The game is being developed in Unity (2017.1.1f1 onward) with a development time of 13 weeks for a college allocated task.

It is week 10 of development time for Colony 7 and the game's build has had a profoundly obvious issue that has escaped all team members thus far. Scope. We have all suffered from our ambition to create a game with too many mechanics and small features that are not critical to the core of Colony 7's gameplay. Though despite our intended vision I can confirm that everyone had the same expectation and understanding of what the game is meant to be. As a designer I understood the risks and necessities of shortening the project and it's assets and narrative quality in order to respect the deadline in week 13. 

The game's initial ideas and representation is still understood and the team is now preparing to secure on level of the game alongside a main HUB World. The intention was to have five completed levels with finalised aesthetics alongside the HUB World but our desirable goals now has us considering that two completed worlds with certain objectives would be satisfactory before the due date.

This is our solution to the consequences of our scope. We have all decided on this new goal and are restricting our asset creation and secondary functions to our gameplay. Both designers and programmers are confident in out time management as we have all delivered our task's results on time and have contributed every week to the game's finalised build. Our intentions were not realistic in the time given for our project we have identified as the biggest issue thus far. Our game simply does not have time to feature a fully functioning set of mechanics due to having only two programmers in our studio team.

As a designer I have experienced this issue twice during my education and have implemented my new strategies to Colony 7. I accept the consequences my team has faced and will improve  upon my initial and early planning with a team by studying what the idea needs establish as a project, what goals are realistic and small so that any further development is is additional and how reliant is the project on it's asset pieces and how is this work best split amongst team members.


More unexpected halts in progression will be addressed with future blogs throughout Colony 7's development time and the next blog is expected to be the final for game Colony 7.. Thank you for your time and feedback is appreciated.

Colony 7 Designer.



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