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Devlog #23 - More than a game?

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Hi everyone!

Today we have something interesting to share with you.


We have recently realized that Project SpaceVille can be much more than just a game. We’ve started to look at Project SpaceVille as a didactic way for people who have poor social skills to acquire and develop social skills.

We’ve decided to work even harder on our Artificial Intelligence system so that we can actually recreate neighbors with very specific personalities to match the majority of people that you could have to deal with real life. The goal is for you to be friends of them and learn what you’d need to do to become friends of that person. Of course this is something very generic since everyone is different.

We already have contacted some psychologists who became very interested in our idea. Especially since Project SpaceVille isn’t age restricted. And nowadays almost everyone has a smart phone so it’s very accessible.

They say it could be used from introverted people to even the refuges and we’ve created the analogy of “going to another planet”.

We've discussed this with many people during the Web Summit and they all thought it was a very interesting concept.

What are your thoughts on this matter?


On another topic, we’ve been sharing some content on our social media! Have you checked it out? The links are down below, leave us a 👍👍👍

But meanwhile here's a peek on something we've been working on:


See you soon,




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