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GameMaker Indie game is FUN but PAIN



My full time job is a commercial system developer. It is totally unrelated to creativity and game industry. What triggered my passion is the succeed of the indie game "Crossy Road" which earned $10 million and had over 50 million downloads within 3 months after launch. I realized the bloom of mobile phone has changed the whole game industry. Free, simple, addictive indie games are now grabbing market share. Not only those big brandnames can achieve high download rate. Any individual, who has incredible idea in mind, is possible to beat off the giants.

It is undoubtedly that the entry barrier nowadays is extremely low for developing a game, not only in a single platform but cross platforms. Thanks to the effort of Unity and Unreal, one single game project can be deployed to Windows, Linux, Mac and more importantly to Android and IOS (and Windows phone but who cares ). Before you start your project, it seems that you already have tones of potential players.

Well, you have great idea, and you have tones of players, what a beautiful dream, huh? But soon you will know gamedev is not just gamedev.

(to be continued...)


MushroomWorkshop new free game rollout: Sibby Jump Adventure
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