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Reflection: Post-Mortem

Colony 7 Production Blog


Description; I am a designer currently working on the video game Colony 7. The purpose of the blog is to address the issues of the game's development and to address any solutions or alternative methods to better prepare for the arrival of inconveniences in the future or how to avoid them entirely. The blog also addresses my individual performance. The team is made up of two programmers and four level designers but all do not necessarily combine roles during development. The game is being developed in Unity (2017.1.1f1 onward) with a development time of 13 weeks for a college allocated task.

This is the final bog for the development of the sci-fi adventure game Colony 7. It has been developed by my team, studio Embarrassed Tent, and was unfortunately an imminent failure. The purpose of this task was to build the skills I have been taught and work under the unfamiliarity of strangers and test workload limits.

Individually I would like to begin with stating that I am content with the work I have provided for Colony 7. I came up with my own solutions to the problems faced within the time developing the game and I proceeded to inform and meet the deadlines I set for myself as well as those addressed by the team for me to complete. Almost all of the assets I created for Colony 7 have gone unused in the finalised result of the game and I had to leave knowing that most of my hard work had not been vital to the eventual forced outcome of asset cuts. This is something I have known from the beginning was a very possible event and I blame my team in no way for the lack of usefulness of my individual work. The time we have spent on the game was something better dedicated to the span of a year before a realistically shippable product could be released but all intended features had been started in some way and had been implemented in the project.

I can state that not all team members were entirely useful in their performance but I have had no issues with them understanding me or my concerns. Our scope and ambitious attitudes are our initial downfall but this is something that I am satisfied with having happened now and not after the completion of my education.. I am able to put my emotions into account and understand how I must best approach my next game knowing that containing my excitement is priority. Disappointments are going to happen and that will always be inevitable if my passion is put before my expectations. Passion, I am clearly announcing,  was Colony 7's biggest issue, this is what halted Colony 7 from any realistic finished result

Unfortunately Embarrassed Tent's first, and more than likely last, game Colony 7 is an unfinished project but the time I have dedicated and the design skills I have been able to build on is valuable to my experience as a designer. There will be no more further blogs. Thank you for your time.

Colony 7 Designer, signing off. Thank you gamedev.net for providing me with a means to reflect and learn on my experience as a designer.


Globe Overview.PNG

UI Draft - Health&Infection Bar.PNG



Molten Core1.PNG

Shovel 4.PNG

Laser 2.PNG

Pickaxe 3.PNG


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