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What am I up to?



Hi everyone!

Been a while since I've posted here, however those that follow me elsewhere know I've been quite busy.

I really want to get back into regular posting on technical aspects/happenings of edigames.com

I've finally come to accept that people on Facebook are not interested in how the 'sausage' is made.

...so then, the news:


My wife and I have consolidated our separate companies and collaborations into a parent brand


We'll be maintaining specific brands where appropriate, Ethereal Darkness Interactive, JackiJacobs Photography, etc.
DV will serve as a catch-all for weird things/collaborations that aren't worthy of their own brand; and deal with multi-disciplinary
needs of EDI and JJP

We released an update for 96Mill

It was great to revisit the game, add a few more alternate endings, additional puzzles, and record/add some 
voice acting that was absent in the 2016 release.

The release didn't really move the needle in terms of sales, however, existing owners seemed to appreciate the additions
so I consider it a win; even with the investment of about a month.

We are porting 'Static: Investigator Training' to html5

Believe it or not, the first game that we applied our 'three month development' process to; and which was very short
in terms of gameplay time, compared to our previous titles; has turned out to be our most profitable game.

Note that I highlight profitable, it hasn't sold the most units (though it is probably second by now), nor has it generated the most revenue
but the time/revenue ratio was great, compared to say Morning's Wrath, which made a lot of revenue, but took over four years to develop.

So with that in mind, we think it is worth the investment to re-master some aspects of static:it, improve some of the maligned aspects; and
allow it to be played on a myriad of platforms/devices; not just windows.

We're targeting Q1 2018, and are pretty far along but, as usual, the port complexity was a bit underestimated.

More on the specific complexities in my next post.


Morning's Wrath II: Revel Immortal is alive and well

It's the project that really just needs to die, it will never recoup the development cost we've sunk into it, but the best part is
that doesn't matter.

We have a fairly solid plan to adhere to our 'three month development' process to finish up revel, and release it as a single
appropriately sized product; the idea of producing 'endless' content within a single game is great, but in addition to its complexities
we don't believe the market reacts as strongly to 'a new paid dlc' vs. 'a new sequel' even if content wise they are equal.

Several contractual complexities also have compelled us to put other projects first; So, expect revel, but don't expect it
until probably after Static 2 


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