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Introduction to PrivataOS

Void Jogos



My name is Tiago Chefe and I introduce you the PrivataOS for the first time. I am developing this project alone and I hope this will be the game you want and like.

(Note: This game is in development.)


PrivataOS is a original detetive, interactive story game with social elements and lots of different choices to make.

PrivataOS is a sophisticated Operating System, everyone is buying and using it, but, something's not right, a girl is asking for your help trough messages, why is she doing that?


You can choose your own path to find what is going on, and why is a girl asking for your help.

(Note: PrivataOS for now is only on Portuguese, but it will have English in the future.)

Friend Requests

You will get lots of Friend Requests as you proceed in the game. Every person(NPC) has its own story and personality.

Friend Request


This is PrivataLife, a social network inside PrivataOS. PrivataLife serves to publish things and make new friends. Every person you add, it will be on your PrivataLife_Friends, you can increase or decrease your relationship with everyone.



This is PrivataChat, a private chat inside your PrivataOS. Every person you add for PrivataLife appears here, you can talk with everyone, and make your own choices. Every choice you make increase or decrease your relationship with the person and may have a big imediate impact on the story. Every single choice is important.



.Realistic messaging system with different paths to choose.
.Increase or Decrease your relationship with new friends from the choices you make.
.Realistic Computer mechanics (photos, audios, documents, and more).
.Lots of different endings and outcomes.


This was PrivataOS, I am still developing it, and hope it will be a great game.

You can give your opinion about the game, and also, you can even create your interactive story and send your story to me to voidjogos@gmail.com to put inside the game. Together we all can make lots of different little stories to share with each and everyone.


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