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Recently I've been brainstorming a new game which takes players into a fantasy world with dwarfs and goblins. Within this world, dwarfs and goblins have declared a war against each other. Goblins have stolen some ancient dwarf artifacts and in a countermeasure dwarfs have captured the goblin prince as a prisoner. Artifacts give goblins some supernatural crafting skills while the goblin prince provides some dark magic to dwarfs. In summary, both races have a bit of both skills at their sides.

The game itself will contain elements where n-amount of players are divided into dwarfs and goblins. These races take turns where they act either in a role of an attacker or defender. Game maps (i.e. game rounds) are divided into areas which must be captures by an attacking team. When other race is attacking, the other acts as a defender. Attackers win the map if they can capture all map areas from the defenders, while defenders may win if they manage to defend any of the areas until n-amount of time has passed. This is quite identical with the idea behind the original Plants vs. Zombies - Garden Warfare.

In the game, both of the races would contain n-amount of different classes that can be used to tailor the gameplay experience to fit for the players own play style. There could be slow and heavy bruisers, which could be contrasted with light and fast rogues. I'm not still sure how many different classes I'm willing to take in. Perhaps it would be good to have at least one bruiser, one rogue and at least one class somewhere between those two. Well see as the idea evolves.

I've been also thinking that the game would contain some additional material(s) that could be used to build some support systems like siege or extra-defense structures. Each map would contain only x-amount of these special materials so the amount of siege power or the cover from the extra-defenses could be easily controlled. However, their usage would act as minor feature in the game.

There are also three major keywords that I'm going to take my bullet points.

  • User friendly
  • Linearity
  • Along with a twist

I'll try to open up this idea in a more detail in my next post.

Thanks for reading!


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