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Clarus Victoria



I'm glad to see you here :)

We're Clarus Victoria, Russian indie game studio. There are only 6 of us, and we're mainly developing historical strategy games with the support of Russian scientific society. You might have heard of our previous games, such as Bronze Age, Marble Age and Predynastic Egypt. The 4th game, Egypt Old Kingdom, is a sequel to Predynastic Egypt.

The development of Egypt Old Kingdom began almost one year ago, in February 2016. After a year of hard work we're nearing release. 


Our game is a strategy simulator of the Great Pyramids period, where you take your path from the unification of Egyptian tribes to the foundation of The First Empire. We developed tit with the assistance of Egyptologists, because we want our game to be as historically correct as possible.

For starters, we'd like to share our teaser with a comment revealing its secrets :) Please check the video first. I'll wait!

Soooo, what do you think? Intriguing? Confusing? Plain? All above? Or maybe you're wondering what the hell these weird words mean?

Ok, I can help with weird words :)

In this video we used the Pyramids Texts - ancient Egyptian spells which were written inside the pyramids. Here we used the Utterance 32. The full text is:

22a. This is thy cool water, Osiris; this is thy cool water, O N., which went forth from thy son, which went forth from Horus.
22b. I have come; I have brought to thee the eye of Horus, that thy heart may be refreshed by it. I have brought it to thee. It is under thy soles.
23a. Take to thyself the efflux (sweat), which goes forth from thee; thy heart shall not be weary thereby.
23b. To say four times, when thou goest forth justified: Libation; two pellets of natron.

This is a part of a magical spell, and at the same time it is a reference to an old Egyptian myth.

If you ever hear or read Egyptian myths, you'll probably recognize a few names of this Utterance. Osiris is the god of transition, resurrection, and regeneration. He was the first ruler of Egypt, as Ancient Egyptians believed. Horus, son of Osiris and Isis, is a god of the sky, war and hunting and a heir of Osiris. Unfortunately, Osiris' brother Seth also wanted to be the king of Egypt. He killed Osiris and chopped his body in 12 pieces, then hid them in different parts of Egypt. While Isis went off to find all of the pieces, Horus went to fight with Seth. Horus was young, so he lost the first fight. Seth ripped off his eye and by an old habit chopped it into 64 pieces. Horus later found them all and recovered his eye. Meanwhile Isis found and joined all of the parts of Osiris. Horus sacrificed his eye to his father, and Osiris came back to life. Later Osiris became the god of the underworld, and Horus became the king of Egypt. But not before he defeated Seth. Guess what he did? Right, chopped him in pieces))) Egyptian habits...

Egyptians believed that their kings are descendants of Osiris. They also believed that all of their actions were defined by gods' deeds. That's why every time they brought offerings to their late kings (which happened quite often), they considered it to be a replication of Horus' actions, when he sacrificed his eye to Horus. And during this ceremony every late king of Egypt became like Osiris. They read the spell and believed that their late king will come back to life in the afterlife, so to speak. And will continue to protect Egypt.

Now when you know the background, let's go back to the teaser. In the video we used only one line:

22b. I have come; I have brought to thee the eye of Horus, that thy heart may be refreshed by it. I have brought it to thee. It is under thy soles.

We came to you, because we wanted to give you a present, which is our game. We came to you, and we hope you will like it. This is the meaning, hidden in this teaser.

I hope it was interesting to know :)

If you would like to know more about us ans about the game, you can visit us here:

Steam: Egypt: Old Kingdom on Steam

Facebook community: Egypt: Old Kingdom on Facebook

Twitter: Clasur Victoria Team on Twitter

We are:

Mikhail - game designer;

Anton and Georgiy - programmers;

Ivan and Maxim - art and graphics;

Lina (me) - pr and community management.

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