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Gameplay Xilvan Design's Games coming in 2019-2020!

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Hi everybody,


Since 2004, Xilvan Design building 2D & 3D games in Blitz3D, we are now

showing to you our kindly official gaming related pages.

- The Xilvan Design Website -

(please click on each links, download games & bookmark the pages):

  1. Lights of Dreams IV: Far Above the Clouds v12.07.
  2. Candy World II: Another Golden Bones v17.57.
  3. Candy Racing Cup: The Lillians Rallies v5.07.
  4. Candy World Adventures IV: The Mirages of Starfield v9.37.
  5. Candy to the Rescue IV: The Scepter of Thunders v11.57.
  6. Candy's Space Adventures: The Messages from the Lillians v22.75.
  7. Candy's Space Mysteries II: New Mission on the earth-likes Planets v12.75.


-"Lately, I fixed the colors of the ambient lights, adjusted the starlight coming from Galaxies,

now the dogs may Walk, Run, Jump, Fly together, Grab bones, Pastries,

Golden Bones, Hearts, Crystals, attack with freesbies."


-"Now, it will be possible to edit all the levels of the game in

Candy World Adventures IV v9.37. All 28 levels

and 8 more in the future."


-"I Want to continue Candy Racing Cup: The Lillians Rallies.

I want to add more circuits, characters & cars."


-"In the near future, I'm up to create a whole new Spatial Mode in Lights of Dreams V.

New Space travel possibilities will be available before 2020 in our games."



Once more, here is my YouTube Channel, where we are showing Candy's

& Lights of Dreams series. Each games is free to play for the moment!


- My Youtube Channel -


Hope you'll like our games, downloads & watching our videos!


We also refreshed the screenies, now they are up to date!



Xylvan, Xilvan Design.

















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Recommended Comments

15 hours ago, Awoken said:

images aren't showing up for me...

I uploaded the images again & it may show

many screenshots of all of my games...

Thanks for your advices!

Friendly, Xylvan, Xilvan Design.


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9 hours ago, EddieK said:

I think you need more screenshots :D

Jokes aside, the game looks awesome :)

I had to dust off my old Page Down key. :D 

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In this publication less images, less text, greater descriptions.

Hope people will like all of my games.

In this publication less images, less text, greater descriptions.

Hope people will like all of my games.

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