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the birth of Charly Clearwater



The main-character of game BIZARRE, Charly Clearwater, keeps us going!

We haven't finished him yet since we weren't happy with his hair and skin in UE4. For promotional pics, we want him look like real, therefore, we made his 4K appearance our business. 

Charly's skin looks fine in UE4 now, but his hair turned out to be a disaster!

We modelled a big marshmallow and painted it like something that looked like tiramisu ice-cream, we formed hundreds of coffin-shaped polygons and textured them,

so that he appeared to be a bird wearing bizarre feathers on his head.

Finally, we created more than 800 hairy-shaped polygons and formed them into a nice hairstyle, put them on his head. A hairy texture made them all look like hair strands. 

Now, we try to make his hair look good in UE4 within all the different (disturbing) lights and reflections coming from the surroundings of his apartment (the first game scene).

Yeah, we also create some animations, i.e. the walking animation, the shooting animation, the running animation, etc. 

Somehow, we're making progress. 




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    • By OConquestGame
      Hello there!
      I’m the creator and producer of an upcoming visual novel / video game. 
      My team and I are looking for artists (character and background), writers (experienced in writing relatable characters and witty dialogue), and programmers (familiar with unity and creating mini games). 
      Our team is a group of close friends looking to break the mold of the traditional visual novel and create something new and positive. This game will be highly promoted and be a great portfolio piece. Rates are negotiable!
      If you are interested please contact/message us today! OConQuestGame@gmail.com
    • By I3DI
      This is your opportunity to prove yourself and start on a career path with Interactive 3D International.  Currently I am seeking several graphic artists of varying skill levels to create texture packs, nature packs, characters, effects, and animations for sale on Unreal Engine Market.  This is a commission based contract that will last six months.  Why would you do art for my company?  Well, I provide the insurances, marketing, package your art with pre-designed special effects we create. We provide the business server for hosting files, and also supply computer equipment at a discounted rate to sub contractors.  We currently have one seat available for iClone 7 to someone proficient with the software.  Your art, and our ability to put the art together into packages that sell on Unreal Market with advertising, you can make a decent profit.  The term will be six months.  You will be paid a commission based salary off sales bi-weekly.  After six months we can renegotiate the contract or, if you have the proven skill and think you can handle a full time career, we can discuss moving you to our physical location.  
      We currently have a temporary website up at www.i3dix.com as we are undergoing a major overhaul and finishing the point of sale system for retail sales.   If your up to the challenge forward your resume and portfolio to career@i3dix.com.
      Interactive 3D International
      Darian A. Glinski, C.E.O.
      2198 Eastridge Center
      Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 54701
      Phone: (715) 895-6650

    • By wndrr.
      The Wanderer, Single Player First Person dark fantasy RPG, with emphasis on looting, freedom & variety in choosing how to play, and world exploration.
      Looking for a capable programmer with UE4 experience to help finalize the gameplay mechanics, finish an alpha version demo, and with that find a publisher and funding to help continue the development.
      I'm a UI/3d artist from Transylvania, and I've been working on this project in my free time for the past 3 years.
      The environment for the alpha:

      Mechanical saw - an item that the player can assemble by finding cog wheels and other parts scattered throughout the world.

      Grom, the friendly NPC

      Character Window UI

      Items UI based on rarity

      Main Menu Button UI

      Overall description and how it's going to stand out
      The project is a spiritual succesor to gems such as Arx Fatalis, Diablo II, the Gothic, Spellforce and Dungeon Siege series etc. They all had interesting, captivating worlds and atmospheres, which really immersed you and took you to far away places.
      The perspective is First Person, so the game will have all the advantages that come with it, such as improved immersion and atmosphere, first person animations, and it has a niche since there are very few First Person RPG's.
      There is a strong emphasis on an interactive world, with a lot of hidden secrets and unique items that can actually be useful.

      Such as plants that you can harvest and use to augment your senses, which may also have hidden effects.
      Ore veins that you can mine, if you are skilled enough, the option to grow such skills and unlock more powerful ore.
      Lakes and ponds where you can fish (if you found or crafted a fishing rod) and have different possible catches, some more rare and valuable than others.
      The option to use these catches and plants to craft potions that may be used to improve your weapons
      or provide that extra edge needed to defeat a boss or have a greater chance of survival.
      Magic artefacts with dangerous effects, curses or spells, scrolls with unknown effects.
      Parts that you can use to assemble custom weapons with enough mechanical skill.

      Or you can just go ham and take on the beasts and foes directly, which will prove more challenging, but there is variety in that as well.
      The combat system gives you some control, allowing you to choose your own fighting style, with direction-based attacks and special moves, and weapons to choose from that can synergise with the chosen style or not.
      You can also take the path of the rogue and sneak up on people, steal their bread or deliver a critical back stab.

      On top of that, the skill tree provides an additional level of customization, being able to create unique builds
      such as attack speed builds (Agility) , tank builds (Vitality) , critical chance builds (Luck) etc.
      A ton of secret areas, hidden rooms, riddles and mysteries.
      Intricate world and level design. Every piece of the level is carefully handcrafted, designed to fit with the rest of the layout , every item is designed to fit as a piece of the puzzle which adds to the gameplay in a unique way, everything is deeper than meets the eye.
      Current Progress and Plan
      Player character: Jared, the rogue

      The first gameplay video, Player movement & stances animation system:

      Going straight down to the logistics, I've been creating assets and artwork for this project for 3 years now, and worked with several more or less serious programmers.
      For the past 2 years I've been working with UE4 and gathered experience in many of its different areas, such as Materials, Animation Blueprint, Level Design Blueprinting, character and asset importing, AI, Controller Blueprints and Behavior Trees, Post Processing, Lightning, Particle Creation, UMG and User Interface, working with source control and maintaining a clean folder space and naming conventions, and more.
      I have also created a 40 page graphic novel set in the same universe that acts as a prequel to the events in the game. We can use it to aid the promotional content.
      There is also a 100+ page extensive GDD.
      The current plan is an alpha gameplay demo that shows all the parts and features of the game that makes it stand out.
      -A dungeon environment with a few interactable elements that showcases the world style. -The player character, a dwarf friendly NPC, and 2-3 types of creatures. -A lot of items with unique features that the player can use. With these we can create a set of short gameplay videos, focusing on different themes and paths that the player can take:
      -Herbologist -collecting plants and using them to create potions -Warrior -the flexible combat system -Thief -stealing from the NPC and sneaking attacks -Dark artefacts -finding and using sinister magical items with unique gameplay -Mechanical - collecting all the parts scattered around the world and using the NPC to help you craft it into a mechanical weapon -Prospector -mining various ores and using them to craft better weapons or even explosives -Fisherman -using various baits that increase chances for rare drops that can give permanent stat increases With these videos we will look for a publisher and funding, then gather more artists and assemble a studio.
      It sounds like a lot, but I have already created the assets and animations for all these items and objects, and imported most of them into the engine. I have also integrated the ones with custom animations into the player's animation blueprint.
      Art side, the environment, characters and items, the player movement animations, the rat animations, the combat animations for the friendly NPC are all finished, the UI is partially finished with some polishing left to do, and the particles are partially finished.
      Programming/Gameplay side, one of the programmers has worked on the inventory system, which has partial functionality. You can pick up, grab and move items around, throw them, collect them in the inventory and move them around in the different slots, and an incomplete tooltip functionality. He can provide assistance for this part of code.
      Animation system/AI side, the programmer assigned has done nothing, and eventually I took over and created the movement and combat animation system for the player. What's left is to integrate custom actions animations such as climbing stairs or other custom animations. I also created some AI but I'm not a programmer so it doesn't hold up to the standards that I would like, and I plan to leave that to the programmers and focus on the art side.
      There are also some destructible wood boxes, planks and barrel blueprints, and some random gameplay objects that you can interact with.
      What's left is:
      -Finishing the inventory system, looting, tooltips, equiping armor and weapons, stats, unique item gameplay -Stat system/Health/Energy/Experience/leveling up -Quest/Journal -Dialogue/Cutscenes -AI and combat mechanics -Various level design gameplay.  
      Open Positions
      Looking for a capable programmer with UE4 experience to join forces and create a great RPG.
      There are a lot of gameplay features so will probably need ~2 people.
      The time frame will depend on how fast the programmer/s will advance as most of the art side is finished.
      At least 1 and a half years UE4 experience, preferably more. Understands the engine, the way it works and how it wants you to code things. A good understanding of OOP workflow and how the blueprints and C++ work together. UMG experience and an understanding of the Slate UI framework is a plus, and pretty much a requirement. At least 20-30 hours of time/week to work on the project, so that we can finish it before we grow old. The knowledge, expertise and capability of implementing the needed mechanics in a realistic time frame. A proactive positive attitude towards solutions and getting things done. So if you feel my vision and want to know more, and think you can bring this project to
      life, then contact me for more information at:
      Skype: andyblahblah1
      Discord: Hermit#8917
      or PM
      Thanks and have a great day!
    • By MoreLion
      Beyond The Frontier is a open galaxy RPG set in an galaxy far far away.
      its a game i have envisioned for years!, The Game will be developed in Unreal Engine 4. in the game you will be able to be who YOU want to be, Fly Epic And Fast Ships, But Most Importantly, Go On Epic Quests! Become A Pirate, Kill The Pirates, Join Factions And Go On Epic Adventures Through The Galaxy!
      im currently in the middle of designing the game however i need concept artists for the gdd, then we will go from there eventually getting 3D Artists And Unreal Engine Programmers.
      Recruitment Details:
      - Concept Artists:
      responsibilities include creation and design of environments, Weapon Concepts And Ship Concepts.
      PHASE 1:
      Concept Art Planning Future Development + Brainstorming Game Design Document Completion PHASE 2:
      3D Character Modelling +Environment And Prop Modelling And Texturing Basic First Person Set Up With All Player Character Features And Inventory And Quest Log. Early Marketing (For Kickstarter Or To Grow A Community) We Will Be Adding Phase 3 And 4 which Will Include Much More Questing Stuff.
      email me at rioishere14@gmail.com
    • By hiromu656
      Thief's Roulette is a Choice Driven Puzzle game inspired by the Danganronpa and Zero Escape game series. The game is being developed for Nintendo Switch and PC. Thief's Roulette takes the narrative heavy design of Visual Novels and combines it with immersive, first person Puzzle gameplay to create a unique gaming experience. With Thief's Roulette I hope to take the player on a journey through betrayal, deception, and trust. Player freedom through choices, building alliances or creating rivals will be the driving force of the game.

      With Thief's Roulette I'm attempting to blend some different game genres in interesting ways.
      A gripping story of deception. Who you choose to align with may either lead to your death or your survival. Heavy Player Choices that can alter the path of the Story. Multiple Endings Immersive and Intricate Puzzles to Solve. A Natural approach to Difficulty: Any time during a Puzzle, you may ask your teammates for help. Players who want to take on the challenge with no clues can simply not ask for assistance. Fully explorable 3D Environments and VN Style Artwork. A cast of unique characters with their own goals and personalities. Some are only out for themselves, others may have your back when the time comes.   The game is currently in its early stages but I've recently been making a ton of progress. There is a Trailer nearing finalization. I plan to show it off very soon. I try to make semi regular Updates on Twitter  

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