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Unity 1st person controller weapon experiments with Ethan



Hi there,

here is a little experiment I wanted to show. I developed this controller as help for a guy from the german Unity forum. He wanted a 1st person view controller (with 3rd person character in the background
) and using the Unity CC (character controller) component as base. Its a complete different style of controller but only to show whats possible. At the end, I liked the dynamics of this controller. It was also an exercise for IK and using animations in Unity for me again. For this i changed the original 1st person controller of Unity with the "Ethan" character model.

There were some problems, among other things, because this controller uses the CC as a component and if you now just puts "Ethan" the axe in his hand, then he blows the weapon when hitting through the walls. To solve this, we added a backspin to the character at a collision. Additionally i mixed a slay animation, an axe animation and IK. We had started completely without a slay animation, this was also because the movement of the axe was controlled by a self-created axe animation.  Ethan's hand is held in position via IK. I just did not really like the mix of idle animation and axe animation, so I added a slay animation to Ethan. For hitting the slay animation and the axe animation is now mixed. The hand follows the axe animation and Ethan plays a suitable slay animation. This allowed us to better control the position of the axe in front of the player.

I had further problems with the clipping of the body of Ethan. For this I had to slightly modify the original controller, so that the camera is always nicely in front of his face. In addition, the camera is now partly controlled by the bone of the player animation, which, like me, creates a very nice dynamic effect:

Video: https://streamable.com/4xvx5



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