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Meteor Bombardment Series Devblog 01

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Jon Bon


Meteor Bombardment Series Devblog 01

  • Genre: Fixed Shooter
  • Engine: Unity
  • Platform: TBD
  • Art Style: Pixel Graphics
  • Games Planed: 3
  • Meteor Bombardment: Technical Design Phase - 20% Complete
  • Meteor Bombardment 2: Technical Design Phase - 80% Complete
  • Meteor Bombardment 3: Conceptual Phase - 50% Complete

The Meteor Bombardment Series is a project intended to represent the technical aspects and art style of games spanning over multiple past game eras. Starting with Meteor Bombardment, done in an 8 bit style and limited mechanics. Then moving onto Meteor Bombardment 2 using a 16 bit style and with added mechanics. Ultimately ending with Meteor Bombardment 3 using a 64 bit style with even more mechanics added.

Design for the series has begun, and initially started with what is now Meteor Bombardment 2, saving more complex ideas for that game's sequel. After consideration it was decided that even the core concept could be scaled down to its base elements, with the more complex mechanics added to a sequel. Thus ultimately creating a trilogy.

The development blogs titled "Meteor Bombardment Series" will follow the series development as a whole, with development blogs started for each specific game.

The long term goal for the series is to create an arcade game pack including this series among other developed games. In the short term each game will be released as a standalone game. For information regarding each game, check out the developers blog relating to the different games in the series. The first game specific developer blog is scheduled to post tomorrow!

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