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Pixel Meteor Bombardment 1 Devblog 01

Jon Bon


Meteor Bombardment 1 Devblog 01

  • Genre: Fixed Shooter
  • Engine: Unity
  • Platform: PC
  • Art Style: 8-bit Pixel Graphics
  • Current State: Technical Design Phase - 30% Complete


Game Description

Aliens from a distant planet have begun redirecting meteors and attack ships at earth in order to wipe out as much of the population as possible before they invade. Using the only salvaged alien attack ship, you must work to destroy the meteors before they impact with earth and kill off its population.


Development Status Overview

Conceptual design for the game is completed. Technical Design has begun, which involves defining how meteors and attack ships will travel, how many hits needed to destroy meteors and attack ships, as well as level design theory.

Attached to this blog is the album for the game which includes the conceptual design image. When Technical Design is completed images regarding the technical aspects will be uploaded to the same album, with a new developer blog posted.


Project General Goals

  1. Concept Design
  2. Technical Design
  3. Recruit Team
  4. Develop Game
  5. Test Game
  6. Launch as Free Title


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