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Pixel Meteor Bombardment 1 Devblog 02

Jon Bon


Meteor Bombardment 1 Devblog 02

Development Status Overview

  • Current State: Technical Demo Creation - 15% Complete

The Game Theory is completed, and a programmer has been recruited. A Technical Demo is currently being developed. Technical demo creation has begun by creating a test level in order to test the controls, and overall balance of the game and waves system. The project section of Gamedev.net has begun to be filled out, and will launch along side the project upon completion. Level backgrounds and level theory is being worked on with 5 levels being designed each representing a region; Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania.


Level 1 - The Americas - Some of the Iconic Landmarks

8zxd5XK.pngChichen Itza

La7mM4i.pngC.N. Tower

G6YFxOk.pngCristo Redentor

Title Screen Demonstration


Specific Project Goals

  1. Concept Design
  2. Technical Design
    • Game Theory
    • Level Theory
  3. Recruit Team
    • Programmer
    • Audio Engineer
  4. Asset Creation
    • Placeholder Art
    • Level Backgrounds
    • Start Screen
    • Cover Art
    • Sound Effects
    • Level Music
  5. Technical Demo
    • Alpha Testing
  6. Develop Full Game
  7. Test Game
    • In-House Beta Testing
    • Outside  Beta Testing
  8. Web Footprint
    • Social Media Presence
    • Website
    • Other Sites
  9. Launch as Free Title


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