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Stygian VR



      Stygian is a story about a person whose Earth has run it's course and the population is dropping like flies, but they found a way to escape this reality through conscience upload. You now step into the shoes of this person and take control as they make their way through the dimensions. 

   Stygian's goal is to appeal to the emotions and let you experience  things you wouldn't be able to in the real world, which I believe is one of the main goals in VR. Each time you leave a dimension, you should feel like you left something behind, but excited to discover what lies ahead, as each dimension is completely unique, strange, and sometimes dangerous...


  • Central rich story accompanied by various paths and danger 
  • Thought provoking puzzles  
  • Beautiful, unique dimensions (3/15-20)
  • Interactive and immersive VR environments  
  • Replay ability! No Stygian play-through will be the same as there are multiple routes and multiple endings! (Enter the wrong dimension and you could be in trouble...)


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