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Current Project

Timmmmmmmmmm.. T


So what am I working on?

Mostly portfolio building and applying for internships, but there's also a game.

Last summer, I made a plan to get into a certain game studio.  It involved making a game about video game history with four gameplay styles (one for each of 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's).  The conclusion would make use of all four styles and relate in some clever way to me getting the job that I wanted.
Dozens of hours of R&D Later, Finals week came around.  I had to stop working on this game, Project Sourdough, in order to finish up my final projects for school.

After some deep thought, I came to the conclusion that project Sourdough, while some parts were neat, was too big to be finished in time.  
Since Project Sourdough failed, I had nothing.  That is, nothing more than the Fellowship of the Ring after Boromir died!

The next step was to take my unfinished concepts and the experience I gained from working on Project Sourdough, and make a new, smaller project to fulfill its purpose.  It would have to reuse as much code as possible, and be produced very efficiently.

Thus, Project Unleavened was rolled out.



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