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Maze game





This is the maze game; there isn’t a lot to show. You move the mouse up down left and right and the goal is to get the cheese when you do you are rewarded with a game over screen.



Click Game



In this game you click to remove walls to remove or add I was having a difficult time trying to do it though game maker, but I decided to write a code which was much simpler


“”//check if mouse button pressed

if mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left)

{position_empty((mouse_x div 40) * 40, (mouse_y div 40) * 40)

{instance_create((mouse_x div 40) * 40, (mouse_y div 40) * 40,wall);}}

//check if other mouse button pressed

if mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_right){

if position_meeting((mouse_x div 40) * 40, (mouse_y div 40) * 40,wall){

position_destroy((mouse_x div 40) * 40, (mouse_y div 40) * 40);}}”

I found that writing it out in code was not only more effective but less frustrating.



Legend of maze


This is a redone version of the mouse game there are some general things to consider.

Cheeze = gives you 10 hp

Shyguy =  enemy

Bush = destroyable object

Link is not without weapons though…



When pressing the “Z” button link will slash his sword in front of himself.

If you hold a direction and hit “X” link will perform a roll which makes him immune to enemies and projectiles.


There are two types of enemies

Octo= an octopus that shoots a blue fireball, but only if you’re standing in front of him.

Shyguy= a midget wearing a mask that paces back and forth


You have 10 lives at the start eating cheese will replenish it but if you run out you die and cannot move!

There is however a resurrect button, by pressing “R” you will immediately resurrect where you died.


Oh no I’m stuck!

If for whatever reason you are unable to move or are stuck simply pressing the “R” key will revive your movement. ( I had a minor issue with the sword animation freezing link making him unable to move or attack)

End of documentation.







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