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The game is coming together!

Clarus Victoria


Hello everyone!

I just thought I'd quickly drop a few gifs to demostrate the gameplay! We're beta-testing the Russian demo version now, and we're looking for proofreaders who could help us with checking the English translation before we start the English beta-test.  Any volunteers? :D

If suddenly there is someone who would like to help, please contact us via Facebook or Steam.

Now, some gameplay demo!

1) This is the interaction with other tribes and nations! There are many options: you can explore them, establish trading, improve relationships, raid them, start a war. If you play for Seth, you can even curse them! My favorite part tbh xD 


2) And here we havo some hyenas who decided to ruin our gardens... well, there is no choice but to destroy them!


3) This guy is the only responsible one... he's building houses for all those hyena fighters and diplomats!



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