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New Levels Added and Localization in Unreal Engine 4



Since the last demo I have added another 4 worlds each with 20 more levels.  Here are a couple pics of 2 of those worlds both medium difficulty. Three of them have more tiles and mines making it more difficult. So now there is a grand total of 6 worlds available. I have three more to add which will be even higher difficulty.




All I have left now before I can start doing some alpha testing is add the three higher difficulty worlds and add some Steam achievements. This will be the first time working with Steam achievements so I'm looking forward to it.

I also want to talk for a moment on Localization in UE4. It's simple but time consuming to do. Please remember UE4 localization only works with Text, not strings. There are some tutorials I found on the internet but they were for earlier versions of the engine so they were out date and weren't all correct. Here is the Localization Dashboard. I'll highlight the important areas to add localized text to a game. Its grayed out because my VCS marks files as read only until I check it out to edit. The important areas are Gather Text and Cultures.



You can choose 3 different ways to gather the text in your game. I'm using Gather From Packages so I can choose the directory in my game content that has the UI. It will search the folders you choose here. Just click the `+` for Include Path Wildcards to add a path you have text you want to localize in. You can also add paths to directories you want to exclude as well. Just a note, by default all 3 ways or gathering text are disabled, so if you don't check one if the 3 top level check boxes under Gather Text, it wont find anything. 

The other important area is Cultures. Here is where you actually choose which languages/locales you want to support. You can be specific like en-US or en-GB or generic like en or es. I'm not targeting any specific locales in the languages I'm supporting. You cant see it in this image but under the list of languages, which is empty when you first start, is a button Add New Culture. Using that button you can select all the languages and locales you want to support. One language must be selected as the native culture, here I chose English and there is a mark next to English to show that its the chosen native culture. I believe this is telling the engine to use the native language if your game is being played in an area that doesn't use one of your chosen languages. When your ready just hit the big Gather Text button to search your game for text.  It should then show you the number of words, haw many have been translated and the bar will represent a percentage of what is complete. Mine are all complete.

Then to edit the translations just click the little button immediately to the right of the orange bar, when you hover over it, it says Edit translations for this culture. My translation are all in the completed tab, but when you first start they will be in the Untranslated tab. The left shows the word in the chosen native language, and right shows the appropriate translation. Simply click the box on the right to add the localized version of that text. When the game runs in this language, these translations will be used in place of the native language. When your all done just hit the big Compile Text in the Cultures area. There is an issue currently where after doing this it doesn't update to show what has been completed, so to update hit Gather Text again and when that is finished it should show an updated overview of how much you have completed.


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