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Earnings and Statistics from my 4th Android Game



Hello, it's time for statistics and earnings from my 4th Android/WebGL Game, "Mirkowanie" is idle clicker, it's mostly a special game, because it was made for Polish website community (but not only players from Poland play it), it's specific, so I was not looking into a lot of players + earnings (Poland got very low earnings from ads) I'm just 19 year old newbie, I couldn't sleep, I had weak up at 3-4AM and I started to develop "Mirkowanie". It was fun to develop it ;p Just a lot of work in analyzing data (imagine checking website data from 2005-2018 year). Here are statistics:

Game got downloaded 3451x (19x Amazon Store and 3432x Google Play), Amazon Store is that low, because downloads was mostly from Poland. Game got 26k game plays (online). Top download (one day) was 1900x times, I got 500x testers in one day.






Kongregate (new players)



Unity Analitycs (new players)


MAU (Unity analitycs);






$36.82 (Unity Ads, video ads, can't withdraw it).

$29.62 (Kongregate, we got payed from game plays, can withdraw it ).

$17.56 Chartboost (ads that are shown in-game, sometimes video ads (if Unity ads fail), can't withdraw it ).

So my pure "earning" is $29.62 (can withdraw it). So was not worth it, but that's not problem, my games also don't got IAPs + most of the players was from Poland (low cash from ads), but it was still fun to develop it, I mean it was crazy idea ;p




I mean from one side I got 1900x downloads in one day, it's big number from me, but to be honest, for gamedev business it's nothing, but wait, for me it's still 1900x players (my first game got 600x Downloads in ~1 year). Also, fun fact, I was top1 new Free casual game in Poland. Also, ~25% downloads comes from Xiaomi devices.



So in last week i got 14.3k sessions, max time spend in-game (one day, max, total ) was 13.85M seconds (~160 days). It's 80 minutes for each user, average 2.5 session per user.


Some other stats:


Most used phones:



Most used android versions:




Game name is Mirkowanie - Ilde Money Clicker

Also, if any1 wish to check out my other earnings/statistics from other games, there are all on Reddit + I always post them on my Twitter/Facebook (same as my name on Reddit).

Also, right now I'm working on space shooter with own story, we get new ships, buy upgrades, we got side and main quests and a lot more. It got story made by me + Original sounds, that's some nice music (not from game), but made by the same person:

Check Music

Images from the game are also on images with statistics.

Check out game + observe me :-}

Online  Firefox play only, use text save, Chrome got bug, reported it to browser, still waiting for fix, that same other browsers on Blink engine (not all))

Amazon Store




And my new game (W.I.P):




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Love the attitude that you're enjoying breaking new ground with new record players, even if the earnings aren't as much as you might have liked. 

Also very cool that you're willing to put all your data out there for everyone to see. :)

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17 hours ago, jbadams said:

Love the attitude that you're enjoying breaking new ground with new record players, even if the earnings aren't as much as you might have liked. 

Also very cool that you're willing to put all your data out there for everyone to see. :)

Thank you :-}

Maybe one day I will get more players (I had never reached 5k+ in Google Play), which is a very bad, IK it won't change anything in earnings, but I just want reach 5k+ downloads with one game (Google Play), not sure why, but I just want it, because I had never got 5k+ downloads, so I want them :P

I'm excited about my new game (still a lot of work, but I think its like 50%+ done, it was dropped but now I'm back into it). Gonna try some new marketing plans, just worried how many downloads I can get with it, I think I will fail, but it's interesting still.

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I'm sure you'll get there with one of your future games.

How are you marketing? If you make a post in the business forum explaining how you've been marketing and asking for tips, maybe we could help improve your process or point out some options you might be missing. :)

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On 2/5/2018 at 5:58 PM, donislawdev said:

I think I will fail

Heads up! 
Don't set yourself with doubt at only 50%. Maybe get some family/friend support to look at a it and give you ideas/inspiration.
You got this! Keep it going and it will turn out awesome!

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On 6.02.2018 at 1:35 AM, jbadams said:

I'm sure you'll get there with one of your future games.

How are you marketing? If you make a post in the business forum explaining how you've been marketing and asking for tips, maybe we could help improve your process or point out some options you might be missing. :)

Nice idea, I had studied my 4 games fails, and with my 5th game I got some plans to improve. I always start with something like that:

1. When I'm making game, from time to time I post info about it on Twitter/Facebok (gif/video) + on Wykop (Polish websites like Reddit).

2. When I'm near finishing game, I start beta tests, sometimes I got with alpha, depends on game, but on beta test I search beta testers from Poland (Wykop Website) + Reddit + Facebook/Twitter.

3. Collect feedback, develop updates based on feedback. Etc.

4. When releasing game I try to do good ASO + bring high rates + I'm writing to a lot of youtubers/websites (with my past games I even got some reviews), so let's say I can get 500-1500 downloads in first day, but then all fail. No idea how to get more players, I mean from time to time I develop updates + post info about them, I release game statistics. My new plan is similar to this one, but better, no idea how it will work. Right now main problem is that, I can generate downloads, but it's 1-3 day MAX (but with some games I got 15-40 downloads per day for ~1-3 weeks, still not enough).

I think one day I will make a post, why my all games failed + what I did wrong.



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11 minutes ago, Jacob McGivern said:

Heads up! 
Don't set yourself with doubt at only 50%. Maybe get some family/friend support to look at a it and give you ideas/inspiration.
You got this! Keep it going and it will turn out awesome!

Thank you :-}

I think that friends/family may not be honest with opinions (they will always try to look at game, as a better game). Mostly people that I know in real life, thinks making games is super easy + it's some activity for children. When I'm telling people, that I develop games as mine hobby, they think I'm developing some games like GTA/Witcher.

Oh, also, nice post:


It reminds me, in old times, when I was waking up at 4:30 and going to sleep at 22:30 (to develop games, before I was going to school). Shame latter I had constantly stayed at night (developing games) + I had given up with waking up at 4:30AM (it was also hard to stop developing games at that time, let's say I got school at 8:00AM, but I got some problem to fix, and it was just hard to leave it ;p). I agree, that it's also nice to have a plan, when I'm developing games (before sleep) I'm always writing a list for a next day (what to program next day + what to take care of).

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5 hours ago, donislawdev said:

I think that friends/family may not be honest with opinions (they will always try to look at game, as a better game)

First off, I'm honored that you viewed my blog/website. Probably my first viewer on that! 

Secondly, If you can't get friends/family... visit the gamedev discord and post it there. I feel there are more people besides me who would be willing to be a game tester (for free). Build a community around yourself and your game (once you can get some screenshots/gameplay/trailer/.... ect. Maybe start a dev blog! I'm not sure where you are in your game exactly, but i'd be willing to follow/retweet developer blogs and updates.

I'm just beginning to learn to gavedev (started Unity today), so I know its going to be a challenge to market and get your game out. 

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