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Forest Strike - Dev Blog #6



Hi again!

This week, I was working on the character selection. But, first of all, I want to show you the very first gameplay video which covers a 1vs1 duel. Check it out:


Character selection

Forest Strike - Character selection

Basically, you can start the game with at least two player. Adding players can be done by clicking on the "+"-box. You can of remove a player by clicking on the remove icon under a character box.

Currently, there are two characters available - the fox and the mouse.

You can select up to four player which will be placed differently on the map. You can take a look at the screenshot. The starting points of the player are the "P" blocks:

Forest Strike - Player Position

The screenshot comes from the room editor in Game Maker. (The red blocks are the solid ones).

Discord server

I set up a basic Discord server in order for you to join and talk to me. Check it out here: Discord.gg

I want to be more active on Discord, because it is much easier to provide information and status updates to you. Additionally, I want you to actively talk to me in order to make a real great game, so I would really appreciate any kind of feedback.

Pre alpha

Next week there's going to be the release of my Pre alpha version for you. The goal is to get as much feedback as possible.

That's it for this update. Thank you for reading! :D

As always, if you have questions or any kind of feedback feel free to post a comment or contact me directly.




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Reminds me a bit of Bomber Man - am I reading correctly that the number in the centre at the start of a turn is a dice roll?

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You are right. The number in the center of the screen is the "dice" roll. It gives a number between 1 and 6. The randomly chosen number then is the amount of steps you can walk with your characters.

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Its looking good just read 1-6 as ive been away for a bit. How do you know what youve picked up from the boxes?

Edited by Gooey

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