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Uagi Saba: Digital DNA, Dev blog EP1




It’s been a very long while since I have posted anything about my projects here on GameDev.net. My newest project Uagi-Saba is finally ready to show it's face blog wise. Uagi-Saba has been in development for two years, created in Game Maker Studio 1.4 It will be released on Steam late 2018. I hope you enjoy the first Dev.net blog post for Uagi. Thanks for reading. UG



Original Mystic Concepts


    One of the first projects I ever blogged about on GameDev.net was The Underlings, a game about raising creatures from eggs and growing plants to feed them. That was a few years ago and at the time I was not skilled enough in Game Maker to have any creature breeding or genetics in the game, which I wanted to have pretty bad. Now years later and I am back on the Dream of making a true creature breeding simulator with realistic genes, traits and mutations. For those not familiar with Uagi, it's a creature breeding simulator that takes place deep underground in a magical place called sanctuary. Raise creatures called Mystics all with their own genes and stats that determine body parts, skin pigment, and traits. Harvest resources, build rooms, and expand to create the perfect sanctuary for your mystics.

    As of a couple days ago the interact button is being re-worked. I'm experimenting with a new speech system for the mystics they have a list of known words based on their intelligence genes. Mystics will not be able to talk with a string sentence put together by words that they know from their word list. The words appear jumbled at first and the player will not be able to understand but later after teaching the mystic words sentences become more legible. Now the interact button can be used to teach words to mystics! This is still very experimental and won't show up until the next patch but I wanted to cover it a bit today in the blog. I believe this will further help to establish a bond between player and creature.



Uagi Screenshots



The Next 1-2 Weeks

New oven module for baking essence cakes.

Making changes to the mystic feeding system based on essence cakes.

New Mystic Body Parts

Junk piles for side walls and ceiling.

Story screen art

Promo/capsule art


Dev Live

I will be posting Dev Blogs for Uagi here every 1-2 weeks and will be including all recent patch notes.

Since Uagi's start I have streamed it's development live on Twitch, I wanted to build a community for Uagi early and it ended up working out nicely. I have made many great friends along the way, looking forward to another year with Uagi on Twitch. You can follow the Uagi-Saba development live on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/undergroundies


Patch Notes

-Added tutorial walk through at new game start, asks player yes, no.

-Came movement fixed.

-Small Tut boxes now scale with the view and appear below the HUD.

-Large tut boxes now scale with the view and appear center screen.

-Build menus have been re-worked and re positioned.

-When player clicks on a build node, or upgrade arrow the build window now appears bottom right and does not effect camera.

-Camera no longer moves when player clicks on a lore book, build node, upgrade arrows or tut bubbles.

-New section of on screen HUD added, three buttons bottom right. Pause, HUB computer and options.

-Mushroom hit boxes have been tweaked.

-Title screen music added.

-Holo projector added to top of HUB computer.

-Paper background look added to artifact text boxes, lore text boxes and build menus.

-All artifact, room, and module cost box sketches have been re inked and colored.


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